Sex, Leaks, Lies and Spies: Trump Takes Down Intelligence Community Leakers


Amidst a battle between the President of the United States and the Intelligence Community that has sparked formal impeachment proceedings against the president by Democrats in Congress, federal law enforcement officials have formally charged one intelligence community official with leaking highly classified information to the media.

This comes in the wake of a top-ranking congressional intelligence committee staffer facing similar charges of leaking last year and sets the stage for a larger fight between Trump and intelligence community leakers.

The nature of these intelligence community leakers’ deeply personal relationships with the reporters to whom they were leaking — both cases involved romantic relationships — seems more like a House of Cards episode than real life.

But the federal law enforcement charges against each casts the intelligence community as a whole in a deeply negative light, as Democrats on Capitol Hill begin to rely on these spooks for their increasingly partisan impeachment efforts against Trump.

The case of the leaker ensnared on Wednesday showed how anti-Trump intelligence officials are using their relationships with the media to risk their careers to leak classified information embarrassing to the Trump administration.

Henry Kyle Frese, an employee with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), was charged with two counts of leaking classified information to two journalists identified by journalist Matthew Keys and later the Wall Street Journal as CNBC’s Amanda Macias and NBC News’s Courtney Kube. Frese and Macias were romantically involved.

The complaint against Frese said, in or about mid-April to May 2018, he accessed an intelligence report unrelated to his job duties “on multiple occasions.” A week after he accessed the report a second time, “Journalist 1” — believed to be Macias, asked him to speak to “Journalist 2” — believed to be Kube. Frese told Journalist 1 he was “down” to help Journalist 2 if it helped her because he wanted to see her “progress.”

Frese would later search on a classified U.S. government computer system for terms related to the topics contained in the intelligence report. A few hours after searching those terms, he spoke with Journalist 1 for seven minutes, and spoke to Journalist 2 for over half an hour. About half an hour after he spoke with both journalists, Journalist 1 published an article through her outlet, which contained classified information from the report. After Journalist 1 tweeted the article, Frese retweeted it. read more

12 Comments on Sex, Leaks, Lies and Spies: Trump Takes Down Intelligence Community Leakers

  1. The only way to stop it is to come down hard on it. Either throw them in jail, or barring that, completely destroy their careers. I’m talking about these assclown resistance leakers more than anything.

    Mueller took swat teams to republican houses at 6am. Can’t we destroy a few lives, too?

  2. Trump and his AG had better throw the book at this guy. If the maximum is 20 years then demand 20 years in Leavenworth. I don’t know if the two reporters can be charged with receiving classified government information or recruiting of an agent but if they can be charged with something then do it. No more year to set up the trial,have the trial in two months and make public as much as possible especially the sentence. Start charging others as well. After years of investigation they better have enough for court on both high and low ranking members of this coup. This is an unprecedented war for control of the United States and bodies better start hotting the cells soon or they’re going to be hitting the floor.

  3. …good. Now arrest his wife.

    …HER part was illegal, too.

    …AND, arrest everyone involved at the WIFE’S employer. They ALL know better.

    …and also, do it at 3AM, no-knock raids all around, public perp walks in broad daylight 6 hours later so everyone in the neighborhood can SEE it, and toss their entire house for evidence of treason.

    …sauce for the goose…

  4. Oh look… a smug pretty boy millennial shithead… Have fun in federal prison asshole. Better ask your girlfriend what shade of lipstick you should use.

  5. With Trump battling the Democrats with their tentacles embedded in our intelligence community, I predict that it will begin eating itself, both from within and without. If Trump doesn’t win this war, the world’s largest spy apparatus is ripe for totalitarian takeover. This needs to be spelled out explicitly: D E M O C R A T.

    Unless the Democrat Party fundamentally changes, they can not be trusted anymore with its management. Thanks, Barack and Hillary.

  6. “… that has sparked formal impeachment proceedings against the president by Democrats in Congress…”

    Except they haven’t started “formal impeachment proceedings”, only a phony “impeachment inquiry “, which is how President Trump is successfully defying their “subpoenas”.


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