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Shannon Watts to Step Down From Anti Gun Group MOMS DEMAND ACTION

DCN: Shannon Watts founded the faux grassroots anti-gun group, Moms Demand Action, which counts social media likes as members and couldn’t put together a 10-person protest if it tried. After being subsidized by gun hating billionaire Michael Bloomberg, the liberal media promoted this non-existent group as a major force. It seems that Watts is tired of pretending and will step down from her group at the end of the year.

Despite all of the media attention for Moms demand Action, the group has literally done nothing but get media attention. Having accomplished nothing in 10 years, Shannon Watts feels like it’s time to move on and will resign her position as head bitch in charge at the end of 2023.

New York Magazine’s The Cut did an exit interview with Watts that was unintentionally funny. When asked what she knows now that she didn’t 10 years ago when she started MDA, Watts confirmed what most of us already knew:

“I think there’s something to be said for naïveté and the fact that I didn’t really know what I was getting into when I first launched Moms Demand Action. I knew nothing about gun violence, or the legislative process, and I certainly didn’t know anything about organizing a grassroots movement,” said Watts.

So she started an anti-gun group without knowing anything about guns? I, for one am shocked. more

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  1. The 2nd amendment is all that keeps us from being Canada.
    Sorry KCIR.

    When it comes to guns, it’s all about “the children”.
    When comes to abortion, they can’t kill “the children” fast enough.

  2. There was a 16 year old plugged in Tacoma on Sunday. The ignorant bastards are oblivious to the fact that The News Buffoon was running story after story about some fuckstick politician whose father’s ashes were stolen when he left them in his 1990’s Honda car for six months and the Tacoma and other Police Departments dropped everything to arrest the culprit and recover the ashes and I have never heard of a single solitary case of the Tacoma or any other neighboring jurisdiction arresting a burglar and returning a stolen firearm to it’s lawful owner. The missing ashes were recovered in a week.

  3. Sounds like the funding dried up. Might be time to move on to climate change where knowing nothing increases your chances of getting grant to prove to the world that you know nothing.


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