Sharyl Attkisson Shares Shocking Story of FBI Targeting Her Family – IOTW Report

Sharyl Attkisson Shares Shocking Story of FBI Targeting Her Family

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  1. Defund the FBI. Let the good agents seek employment in local police departments. Burn the Hoover building to the ground and salt the earth as a symbolic gesture that we won’t tolerate this crap.

  2. I remember when her computer was confiscated and examined by the IG’s ofice. When they gave it back to her, it had a different hard drive in it.

    “But, the IG’s office did return the Apple laptop. Sort of. As Attkisson explains:

    “Not long ago, my forensics team asked if I used that Apple computer after the IG returned it. My team was conducting a new exam. “No,” I replied, “it hasn’t functioned since before I gave it to the IG. I just stored it when they returned it. Why?”
    “Because — that’s not your hard drive inside the computer they gave back to you,” they told me. “… We know the serial number on the hard drive when you bought it. We recorded the same serial number on our earlier forensics exams. This is a different hard drive. Completely different serial number. Not even close.”
    I would never have known if we hadn’t gone back in that computer for additional forensics.”

    nothing to see/question there, I guess, huh?

  3. I had to deal with the FIBBIES once. Also involved were a low enforcement branch of the DOD, and an AGs office. I’ve dealt with DOD and Military prime contractors all my adult life and one thing the will never ever let you do is by them lunch or give them anything of value. So you don’t typically offer. The FIBBIES weren’t shy about going to lunch on my dime. After the investigation was complete one of the FIBBIES returned several times asking us to machine something for him. Dude was big into toy trains.
    From that experience alone I determined they run wild with little over site. It’s institutional.

  4. Trump needs forensics experts to examine his returned passports for electronic or other tech embedded.

  5. A few years back I had an FBI guy live across the street from me, who worked out of the SF field office. He was from Dallas and admitted wanting to get back. He knew what I did and would complain, more than once to me, that he kept getting pulled over by the CHP in the mornings because he would drive in the carpool lane, solo, to beat traffic, what a dumb-ass. I suspect this attitude of privilege, un-earned, is rampant within their ranks.

  6. A rhyming form of the 1933 Enabling Act is silently coming upon us, if we let our increasingly militarized federal agencies continue on, as usual.

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