Shots Fired: Silicon Valley’s “Internal Civil War among staff and executives.” – IOTW Report

Shots Fired: Silicon Valley’s “Internal Civil War among staff and executives.”

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  1. …I’ve worked with programmers.

    …the only shooting THEY’RE gonna do involves a keyboard, because they don’t get an extra life with the other kind…

  2. This could also been like the people who voted to ruin California moving to Arizona and Texas not having learned the error of their ways.

  3. Migration is prevalent in the tech industry, always has been, but don’t for a second think some political narrative at home base is sparking it. These people are leaving because they can make more money somewhere else.

    Birds of a feather, if anything those Google, Facebook, Twitter employees feel right at home working for a censorious company that bans those that disagree with them.

    The thinking used to be that these spoiled fragile triggered crybaby college students would get a shock when entering the real world of employment, but they took their values and indelicacies with them and changed the fabric of social media, probably forever.

  4. Wait until Amazon tries to unionize again and again. Apparently they make the Ancient Egyptian slave drivers look like social workers. ( friend works there)

  5. Any platform would be foolish to take them. They’re still leftists and will only taint anything they contact.
    Let them seek employment at some endeavour that suits there skills. I’d suggest manning the back of a garbage truck.

  6. @Supernightshade — There are some notable exceptions, fortunately. I spent a lot of years writing a lot of programs and I’d be happy to put a little wager down if you’d care to meet me at the rifle range and see how we do with iron sight M1 Garands at 150, 250, and 350 yd. silhouette targets. (-:

  7. rich taylor- my first thought was that they’re afraid Twits and FB would start bleeding ad dollars and won’t have a job. But maybe some of them are creeped out by the censorship. Why NOW? I dunno.

  8. If I was Gab I wouldn’t be hiring them. No offense to Brad, but Californians we get aren’t the conservative type, they’re the idiots who like our low housing costs, but then hate our low taxes(which aren’t all that low btw for our standards, but I guess are for Californians).
    The same with anyone involved with Google. They have a Google plant here and I’ve witnessed far too many locals who loved America turn into brain dead American haters within a year of working there.

  9. Everyone has to remember that all these social media commie scum businesses are customer based. No customers they go out of business.

    Everyone stop using Facebook, Stop using Google for a search engine, use Duckduckgo. Stop using twitter. Without us they lose over half their customer base and their power. Look what happened to Gillette.

  10. Uncle Al
    JANUARY 10, 2021 AT 1:37 PM
    “@Supernightshade — There are some notable exceptions, fortunately.”

    …yep, I code too, I’ve mentioned here that I’m even geeky enough to program industrial robots, but I think that you and I are outliers because we aren’t consumed by it, we DO have other interests.

    But I know many a gamer who’s lost without his special chair with the fans and the ports built into it and who almost can’t see if it isn’t in the backwash of a screen or through Oculus goggles, THOSE are the folks that I think would have a hard time realizing you can’t reload your 1911 IRL by pointing it off screen…

  11. @junius

    I’m of the opinion that…..You continue to use Facebook and google (after all it’s free) with the added “comment” to all your posts……

    “I’m boycotting all companies that advertise on Facebook and google until bias against conservatives is corrected.”

    And stand by your boycott… fact demand that they change their attitudes…..or get boycotted.

    Advertising revenues don’t work…..if you refuse to buy their product…..


  12. Another possibility: these are activists trying to embed themselves in competing platforms. Vet the fuck out of them before you let them in the door.

  13. Watch the futures late tonite and the market tomorrow-you’ll know just how bad it is. I own an internet ETF which until Friday included both Facebook and Twitter–then Sat. I checked it and both have been divested-that’s telling-Nuke your twitter/Instagram/Amazon accounts and stop buying from the multi-global corps. They will only understand financial pressure, nothing else-

  14. I’d really like IOTW to get rid of the “Post to Facebook, Twitter and G+ ” links and Put Parler, Clouthub and MeWe links up instead! Gab would be nice as well

  15. GAB will be infiltrated by these Silicon Valley phaso-heads and that’ll be the end.

    Have we not learned a fucking thing?

    These people dropping their resumes should be black-balled from EVER becoming part of GAB.

  16. Reading some of the comments here…

    I think some of you forget that there actually are conservatives who are in the tech industry. And if you are out of college or seeking a career move and you get a nice, juicy offer from these companies way back when, wouldn’t you take it? Working for Apple, Google, etc. is a plum job. Now that they see what their corporations are doing, they want out. Don’t disparage these people when you don’t even know anything about them. Don’t participate in what the left always does.

  17. Don’t hire the manager level types, but do hire the green bean, 2-5 year, people. Let them discover a workplace that places a higher value on merit than on social credit score, and the open sharing of all ideas (and not just work-related stuff). They might get deprogrammed. Fire all the Karens and the Kevins who whine about people not being woke.

  18. There are conservatives in high tech. I know several. Everyone is in deep cover of course but if you love technology and games it’s what is done. One friend said that COVID has been a blessing (in a way of course). He works from home and no longer had to listen to water cooler conversations from weekender AntiFa types whine about being tear gassed or being tired from rampaging the streets the day before.


  19. Well, since hanging up the BDUs in ’07, I’ve been earning my keep in the Tech field. Mostly IT infrastructure security and continuity of operations, with a smattering of automation and enterprise-wide tech refresh roll-outs. After about a decade in corporate scene, took big leap out to doing my own gig and never looked back!

    My observations have been that the SJW infections are mostly in management, all levels. Usually concentrated at executive levels, with a scattering in downstream workforce. While there are sane folks in the field, most worker bees carefully keep their heads down, do their jobs, and try to avoid negative attention.
    The majority of our projects require extensive use of subs for product fulfillment, so we vet mercilessly, both individuals and companies. It is generally fairly easy to ID problem children, well in advance…they almost all seem to be fatally addicted to ill-advised SM posting of their lives, ad nauseam. Proactively deleting content or cancelling accounts avails them little benefit…the internet really is forever.

    Gab, or any other Constitution respecting Tech company, is well advised to rigorously vet these prospects. Mindsets they are entities entrusted with vital national security interests should be adopted and process such applicants accordingly.


  20. Ed
    Everyone needs to shop locally, find made in the usa labelled merchandise and simply avoid all fb, goog and ama stuff now.

    Im cancelling my ama prime today. Sorry it took me this long


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