Showalter: A political dirty trick in San Diego’s District 53 race that might just backfire

American Thinker-

I’m stuck here in San Diego’s congressional District 53, a gerrymandered zone that has the gay progressives of Hillcrest, the rabidly left-wing academics of the liberation theology–lovin’ University of San Diego, and the illegals of Chula Vista all spliced together, in what’s hardly a community of interests.  I’m in a small hospital and defense contractor zone attached to these constituencies — nothing in common with the other areas, just useful filler for ensuring that a congressional seat has enough residents to get the seat for a Democrat. 

So with disgust, I watch the 53rd congressional race to vacate Rep. Susan Davis’s seat, Davis being a nine- or ten-term congresswoman who’s served for 19 years and retiring.  Davis is a lefty Democrat, but not a loud, obnoxious one.  I wouldn’t vote for her but she seems nice.

Not so the people jockeying to fill her place now.  They’re introducing dirty tricks never before seen in lolly, palmy, less-corrupt-than-other-California-cities San Diego to win a seat they’re sure now belongs to their party.  But in a wave year, with still a lot of residual red in the area, they might just find themselves surprised. read more

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  1. Free speech forums writings sound like our spammer friends in this above post. I wouldn’t hit any of his links if he starts putting them up.

  2. It seems many of the western states’ GOP czars “didn’t get the memo” or suffer Stockholm Syndrome, because they aren’t in there fighting tooth and toenail for a Republican win in places that offer a fighting chance or at least some glimmer of possibility to conservative voters.

    Remember a few days ago, that video Fur posted “A Stranger in Town”? The protagonist, a young, country lawyer, fighting the corrupt small town bosses? His political run was tepid at best even though most of the townspeople were on his side and would have voted for him if they only thought he would offer a real challenge. But he was fainthearted, bumbling and fighting the wrong fights. Sounds like Stoddard tore a page out of that character’s book.

    Where’s the GOP in San Diego? The article doesn’t mention another GOP candidate in their 53rd district.

  3. THAT is exactly what’s wrong with the demoncrat candidates. They are illiterate. They can’t put words together to make a cohesive sentence, let alone a paragraph that makes sense.

    All they know are words they’ve heard. They don’t even know what the words mean. They string them out in nonsensical, incomplete, circular (circular because they run out of words to use) word vomit.

    The attention span of their audience is limited, so like a mother urging a baby’s attention at a photo shoot, they keep holding up and shaking favorite toys or treats just out of reach.

    In the case of the demoncrats. The dangled objects are free stuff, pandering, and repetitive nonsensical scripted words.

    What a shame. That woman is the product of our education system.

  4. @Different Tim

    Never trust anyone with a Link embedded in their Screen Name.

    Plus it posts the same garbage on every Story.

  5. There is a new dynamic. They let the inmates take over the asylum by allowing the likes of AOC & co to roll them. Party leadership has lost control and the various factions are fighting to fill the leadership vacuum with their people

  6. Politics is now the new thing for othewise useless crazy women and beta males to make money in. The GOP leadership always sucked, and always will, until the party is institutionally purged of romneys, ryans, etc.


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