Simple Lessons From Ferguson

The liberals on The Meet the Press panel wanted to make Ferguson about racial inequality and the lack of diversity on the police force. Rich Lowry came to a more fundamental conclusion about what should be learned from events in North Saint Louis.

Blowing Up the Liberal Narrative



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  1. The guy wearing glasses says, “We don’t want to re-litigate” the case!’. That’s EXACTLY what the the protesters want to do. That’s what all lynch mobs want to do. They want their pound of flesh, just or injust.

    Lord help us, if the press has to give up this morsel they fight to keep alive. Shameful jackals, once again.

  2. The fact that anyone would “gasp” at the recitation of simple truths shows how far we are gone. And yes, I do know that Andrea Mitchell is retarded, but I really have a hard time believing that she actually believes what she says most of the time, or most of these liberals for that matter. It has to be an act for the cameras, especially with something like this.

  3. Thanks, Mr. Lowry. But you’re casting your pearls before Swine.

    The Swine have decided what the Sacred Leftist Talking Points are, they’ve been disseminated to all of the usual Marxist media outlets, and the Sacred Leftist Talking Points ALWAYS trump the truth, every time.

    That you refuse to bow before The Sacred Leftist Talking Points troubles the Swine, and fills their heads with visions of gulags and Re-education Camps.

    Be careful, Rich. The Swine don’t fuck around.

  4. Tammy Bruce pointed out on her Pod cast yesterday that Mr. Lowry also put the liberal political establishment that has held urban centers for many years now that the poverty seen in Ferguson and other concentrations of minorities around the country clearly is a Democrat legacy.

    Some day the residents may decided that rioting isn’t going to do anything to address their frustration, only voting entrenched and corrupt Democrats out of office will.

    I wish he had stated it as clearly, but at least he flustered the collection of liberal mina birds for a segment.

  5. I would have preferred that Lowry respond more directly to the Leftists’ jibberjabber with:

    “So, what you’re actually saying is, that you want it to be black police to shoot the black criminals who threaten their lives, so you, the liberal media establishment, can rationalize ignoring this criminality even further? Is that how far your denial has sunken in on the Left?”

  6. Well! If he’s going to insist on speaking the truth, we shouldn’t invite him over! I say there, Twatwaffle, that’s just frighteningly direct … don’t you think?

  7. Dr Tar said..
    “Some day the residents may decide that rioting isn’t going to do anything to address their frustration…”.
    It may not address their frustration but these freebie seekers want situations like this so they can replenish their stashes & do their early shopping for the holidays.
    And the progs are more than happy to assist them with their total BS spewing.

  8. So we are now at the point that the color of the cop must match the color of the criminal before any contact can be made? What if the criminal is a mooselimb? Gotta wait for a mooselimb cop to arrest or intervene? Can only chick cops arrest chicks now? Do we need a tranny cop division to deal with sexually uncertain lefties?

    Liberals are really stupid enough to believe that forcing affirmative action on all police forces will improve the ability of said police force to stop crime.

    I want a divorce from libtards, let’s just decide what states they get and states we get to keep…the 2014 election maps would be a good guide to use.

  9. @ Menderman
    Well, YEAH…that’s what they want.
    BUT: it’s a NEW kind of segregation they approve of!

  10. and I’ll say it again, once the Rams NFL team reaches a proper racial balance to match the community to set the example, then so should the local police.

  11. @ Menderman
    Don’t forget all the basketball teams!

    (Personally, *I* want the opportunity to take part in a gender-free Women’s Jello Wrestling match. It’s ALL about equality, don’tcha know!)

  12. The look of horror on Andrea’s face was priceless. Oh, how the Left recoils when one speaks clearly, objectively, and without “nuance.”

  13. I just can’t watch any more of this shit.
    Actually, I was done after the Zimmerman debacle.

    Their minds are made up. Don’t try to confuse them with facts!
    To save time, here’s the breakdown:
    Black criminals = victims
    White anybody = racists

  14. @FG – Don Surber post some good stuff. This one is also appropriate for the situation in Ferguson. .

    Unfortunately, at the end of Oct. Don was fired from the editorial staff of the Chareston (WV) Daily Mail newspaper. Perhaps the blunt straight talk in the above post contributed to ruffling the feathers of the PC crowd. But we still have his personal blog to read.

  15. …Nice to see Rich growing a pair lately. Maybe that’s what happens when you have the feeling your existence is about to be outlawed.

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