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Patriot Retort:

Okay, this is the kind of tweet that makes me love Donald Trump’s Twitter feed.


The Sloppy Michael Moore Show – now that’s hilarious!

Actually, you could drop the “show” and the insult works just as well.

In fact, Sloppy Michael Moore is an even better insult than Little Marco or Wacky Frederica Wilson.

When I saw that tweet yesterday, I actually laughed out loud.

Nobody is better at boiling down his opposition quite like Donald Trump.

Of course Sloppy Michael Moore had to smack back.  MORE

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  1. ‘Sloppy’ … the fat slob dwarf that Walt Disney wisely decided to leave out

    “… disgusting pile of blubber” ~ Walt Disney (paraphrasing Abe Lincoln when he first met AlGore 😉 )

  2. the best part of the tweet was …

    “while not at all presidential, I must point out”

    smacked the msm and moore in the same comment.
    Trump is a true master of tweets!

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