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Smiles, Everyone! Smiles!

LET: As crime explodes in Baltimore, Democrats roll out new plan for cops: less responding to crime, more being friendly.

BALTIMORE, MD – The Baltimore Police Department is looking to transition away from a response-centric department. Mayor Brandon Scott and Police Commissioner Michael Harrison have released a plan that would take policing in the city back to the turn of the 20th century.

The intent is to allow officers to walk their patrol and engage with neighborhood residents and community members. The program is called S.M.A.R.T. and stands for Strategic Management & Alternative Response Tactics. more

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  1. 1. When democrats call something
    smart, it typically isn’t.
    2. I may not have ESP, but I’m
    going to predict an uptick in
    officer’s injury/death

  2. I have seen crime rates dropping in a lot of areas I follow, with fanfare from the local police and governments.
    The crime rates are dropping because reporting is dropping. Crime rates are actually rising in those areas. And the people are well aware.

  3. That does not sound very SMART.

    Should be Failed Administration Response Tactic, or FART for short.

  4. @Left Coast Dan: When you have D.A.s in various jurisdictions refusing to prosecute crimes, the perps are going to be pissed at people who report them. If the prosecutors aren’t going to do anything, why bother reporting? The same with the police – if nothing is going to happen, why risk your safety and do a lot of paperwork for nothing?

    It can be fixed if local governments hire and support “Wyatt Earp” type of law enforcement. But they won’t because elitists live in gated communities and a lot of crime doesn’t affect them.

  5. While they’re at it, might as well drive around in a de-weaponized EM-50 urban assault vehicle handing out ice cream and crack pipe kits.

  6. I read that New York City cops are supposed to ask for people to respond to surveys letting the department know how they are doing. That will work well.

  7. Hey Baltimore, do what Milwaukee did and take a page out of the Chicago Playbook on fighting crime in big democrat cities

    Try culling the criminals from your streets one dead perp t a timw.
    Keep up the good work Chicago, Baltimore’s watching lol

  8. Crime is ALWAYS beneficial to those who promote it. Just ask the conehead Joe Biden and his vulgar family (think Hunter’s crack purchases). Add that Joe Biden recently sent shyytloads of free crackpipes to cities and states yet denied American babies the right to eat.

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