Snopes Finally Admits Biden Showered With His 11 Year old Daughter – IOTW Report

Snopes Finally Admits Biden Showered With His 11 Year old Daughter

Salty with the story.

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  1. Hey libtard anonymouses! Wake UP!
    Everything we have been saying all these years is true and coming to light.
    You voted for a thieving, lying, perverted sack of shit!

  2. @Anon, @jellybean — true, and that’s why this is a noteworthy event along the lines of a Pathological Liar Tells Truth for First Time in Life story.

  3. What kind of pervert showers with his underage 11-year-old daughter. If I had done that, I would have expected my wife to have murdered me immediately. Let alone my dad and all my other older male relatives. There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of perverted behavior on any father’s part let alone the President of the United States. Joey the so- called fake Catholic is in for one hell of a surprise when he croaks and faces God’s eternal judgement and God will not accept bribes as excuses by joey for his perversion.

  4. Snopes apparently got the order to initiate the proceedings to bury Regular Joe Shitpants.

    The List of former supporters who have been damaged by this lying dolt has grown past the tipping point.
    Also, the multiple jungle snares set to hamstring Trump have all been failures.

  5. I’m thinking the two old hippy Libtards that run that sight were forced to switch their position because Ashley confirmed that and much more under oath. Fucking Joe Biden put his erect dick in his eleven year old daughter. There’s a special place in hell waiting on this guy. I don’t want to even call him a man.

  6. Now I guess the rest of the lapdog, fellating media—especially the psychology rags—will run articles explaining to us how perv/child showers are healthy and natural.

  7. Ask McConnell and Lindsey and so many other Senatorsto explain how they endorse this creep, proclaiming “I’ve known Joe for YEARS, he’s my friend!”

    (you can’t ask McLame because he already rode the elevator DOWN)

  8. The MSM is trying to punish President Trump for having consensual sex with an adult at the same time they’re covering for Biden for showering with his young daughter. The MSM is corrupt to the core. The MSM cannot go bankrupt soon enough.


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