So many unanswered questions in case of State Police colonel’s son

Howie Carr: It’s going to be a very busy morning May 24 for Chuck Ardito, the clerk-magistrate of the Barnstable District Court.

So many questions for the Barnstable Police Department, if only he’s willing to actually ask them.

Clerk Ardito has scheduled one of those very, very rare open hearings at 11 a.m.

The Barnstable PD, much to their chagrin, will be seeking a criminal complaint for improper storage of a firearm against Reid Mason, the 22-year-old son of the $267,210-a-year colonel of the Massachusetts State Police, Christopher Mason.

I hope Ardito asks some of the questions that the cops have been stonewalling me on. So far, for my inquiries, I seem to have been blocked by the flack for the Barnstable Police Department, Lt. Mark Mellyn.

One of my questions for Lt. Mellyn on May 5 was whether he had ever bought property from the future Colonel in Centerville? (Spoiler alert: he did, according to the Barnstable Registry of Deeds.)

First question I’d ask Ardito to ask the cops, because they’ve refused to answer me for more than a week now:

According to reliable sources, not one, but two incident reports were filed by the Barnstable PD after the incident in the early-morning hours of Feb. 28, when Reid Mason was apparently discovered sleeping in his vehicle in a parking lot at the corner of South and Sea Streets in Hyannis.

The first report was filed, as they say, “contemporaneously.” The second one was filed in late April — after I and the blogger known as turtleboy began asking questions.

The second report, which like the first the cops are refusing to release, apparently has at least one major difference from the initial one. In the first report, the BPD just reported recovering four firearms from Mason’s vehicle. In the later report the guns were reported to be unloaded, which would of course relieve the colonel’s son of many legal headaches down the road.

If I were Clerk Ardito, I’d ask the cops, why did you feel the need to write two reports on an incident which you apparently wanted to make sure never saw the light of day? more

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  1. Come on Man !
    Aren’t you familiar with the two tiered Justice System?
    Those in elite positions of Government and their families are exempt from the laws pressed upon the rest of society.

    Don’t act like you are unaware of the system. It’s one of the LONG standing perks of the elected and appointed members of the elite. Just a small fry Hunter Biden, but elite none-the-less.

  2. $267,210-a-year For a cop? Plus a 90%+ retirement after 20, unless like most, he really hits the jackpot and goes out in a “disability retirement”.

    What a bunch of KRAP.


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