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So They Both Get A Hat

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  1. AOC’s mouth in that picture is HUGE but not as HUGE as my unbleached elastic starfish thanks to my Peter B!

  2. The revolution against Demonrats is beginning in blue states. Go to Gateway Pundit and read about the four conservatives that just won election to a city council in a city that has voted blue forever.

    Despite record Demonrat turnout for a city council election they lost four at large seats and thus four less Demonrats. The Republican turnout smashed the record Demonrat turnout.

    You think Demonrat Marxists fascism is gaining them votes, this was a deeply blue town in Virginia no less that is tired of the tryanny.

    We are all George Washington now, grap your musket and vote. Send the Demonrat party to hell where it belongs.

  3. @Cisco Kid:
    That was my Virginia town that just flipped the city council! People were fed up with:
    1. Forcing a name change on Lee High School to Staunton High.
    2. Refusal of city council to hold open hearings to even debate declaring the town a 2nd amendment sanctuary city.
    3. The virus shutdown that is killing small businesses, while business and real estate taxes -and penalties- remain the same.
    4. City laying off firefighters during virus shutdown.
    5. Carpetbaggers who brag about turning Virginia blue.

    One of the winners was our local pharmacist. We put a bottle of champagne in the drive thru to him yesterday.

  4. Earl may of accidentally just come up with a new fashion statement for libtard women.


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