So where’s that AUMF, Nancy?

Patriot Retort:

Remember back in April 2018 when Trump ordered a missile strike on a Syrian base containing chemical weapons?

I know.  In the Age of Anti-Trump News, April 2018 feels like a century ago.

But he did.

At the time, then House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was furious that President Trump would order a targeted missile strike in Syria without Congressional consent.

She released a statement demanding that the President not act until or unless Congress passed an AUMF (Authorization for Use of Military Force).

SNIP: Declare it or STFU, Nance.

11 Comments on So where’s that AUMF, Nancy?

  1. Democrats have a template in their word processors. They just hit a macro, add in whatever it was that Trump did, and their computer spits out a press release condemning Trump for doing it.

  2. “Americans deserve a comprehensive strategy that will keep our military safe & avoid collateral damage.”

    You mean like pulling our soldiers off the tripwire and back to defensible positions, Nancy? I could go for that. Why don’t you suggest that to Trump?

  3. How much does America get paid for being the World’s police officers? /sarc
    Good thing we pay the United Nations to keep a peaceful world order. /sarc
    “If we were to bomb our enemies in Syria, we’d be bombing all sides.” – Rand Paul

  4. Reducing national combat actions fucks with the global flow of money. Some people become highly irate when this occurs. Some of these people we voted into office.

    Look into the finance of war. It has always been the profit center of modern society.

  5. Old Nancy is nuttier than squirrel poop and more confused than a mood ring on a paranoid, bi-polar, schizophrenic chameleon trapped in a bag of Skittles!


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