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Social Justice? Sure, You First

Kevin Williamson calls out the nation’s glitterati for their double standard when calling for boycotts of Wal-Mart while they revel in their own excessive riches.

Conspicuous Hypocrisy


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  1. Personally, I find Walmart’s selection of caviar to be exceptionally limited, and their champagne section does not include Dom Perignon. Not to mention that the valet parking sucks – the last Walmart valet I entrusted my car with was finally located two states away.

  2. If one cannot be a rich hypocrite, what’s the point of being rich? Hypocrisy and condescension are the earmarks of having money, especially having lots of it!

    You can be an insufferable prick on a modest income, but people tend to laugh at you. When you’re rich, they defer their laughter until you’re out of earshot.

  3. @Loco – you buy Cabo Wabo? Prefiramos 1800 😉

    Oh yeah, and Kevin is always spot on. Although, I find myself far more often at Trader Joe’s than Walmart, due to geography. (Plus I find the smells of the cafe’s in the big stores nauseating.) The stuff they sell in common with Fred Meyer’s is significantly less expensive.

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