Some students just didn’t want to be called “African-American.” – IOTW Report

Some students just didn’t want to be called “African-American.”

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Teacher calls Jamaican students ‘n*gger’ after they object to ‘African-American’

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A substitute teacher in Carol Stream’s Jay Stream Middle School referred to some black students with the term some consider to be politically correct and they interrupted her, saying they were, in fact, Jamaican.

“All four of us that were sitting there got offended because none of us are from Africa. I’m Jamaican. So we said, ‘Can you please not call us that?” student Mea Thompson tells NBC Chicago.



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  1. Good for these girls.
    That “teacher” is far too stupid to be attempting to teach ANYthing.

    What was wrong with calling them “West Indian”…or was she too ignorant to know the term?

  2. I still like treating individuals as individuals. If it is important that Miss Thompson has a label applied for some reason I cannot quite fathom, how about asking her for her preference if she has one?

    For those people who regard their skin color as important to their “persona” I just include that in my mental list of that individual’s attributes. (It doesn’t go in the “asset” column.)

  3. The story said the students were from Jamaica. Now whether that was ancestor-wise or recent, who knows. But, the teacher should be held to the same standards as libs hold conservatives. What was that Alinsky said about making live up to their own code of conduct?

  4. I remember Redd Foxx in his stand up routine trying to recite all of the different names they have gone by, and his thoughts were…”fuck it, I’m just a colored person now leave me alone!”

  5. *Curious* (/s) that the article never mentions the race of the substitute teacher/full-time idiot.

  6. The official group name is “colored®”.
    The “National Association for the Advancement of Colored People®” (NAACP®) owns the name for all the coloreds in the USA. If you are in the USA and if you look like the young girls in the picture, you are colored®. If you don’t like the name, please contact the NAACP® at:

  7. If you are a legal American why do you have to include a blood line or a country from which you obtained your blood line? Either you are an American or you are not.

    ……I guess that line of thought will clash with liberal ideology, maybe the answer lies within the blurred boundaries of liberalism.

  8. This separating us into warring tribes has got to end. Good for the girls for coming forward. These politically correct terms are moronic. Everyone with brown skin is not an African.
    Likewise, the idiotic term “hispanic”. Cubans and Mexicans share a language but not much else. Labeling someone a European is also ridiculous. If you think Brits, Italians, French, and Germans are anything alike there’s no talking to you.

  9. I’m sick of all their whining.

    Why can’t she just be “Mea Thompson” and leave it at that?

    I’m Tim, not “White Tim” or “Cracker Tim” or “Caucasian Tim.”

  10. You know folks, this bullshit has gotten worse since Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson and their ilk have been prominent in the news. The media love it.They love to blow on the ember, so to speak, keep that hatred alive. Only liberals do that talk. They pretend they are being “helpful” to “African Americans” but they really don’t give a shit.
    What the hell is an “African American’? My friend John S., A Diamond Dealer, a Jew, was born in South Africa. My sister’s two boys Neil and Andrew, were born in Tanzania. Mother Irish,Father is a Scott. Are they African American?
    I was born in Ireland does that make me “European American”?
    Well I don’t want to be European American, I am American, born in Ireland. My children are Americans of Irish/Italian extraction.

    Now it was the “people of color” from Ebony Magazine, Jet, and whatnot, and non white politicians who brought this shit upon themselves.

    Back in the sixties I was in Georgia and they had “Colored” and “White’ water fountains at the train stations. As a young soldier
    in the American Army, and an immigrant. It disturbed me.

    In the late sixties the “colored” didn’t want to be called Negro
    anymore, so they called themselves “Black.” Remember “Black is beautiful.”? Remember the Olympic games with the “Black Power” salute, the clinched fist salute.? Yes, Black was the thing.
    Proud to be Black. Yes I can see that. I’m Black and I’m proud.
    Like I’m Irish and I’m proud. But I’m American.

    But that did not go well with the Black Plantation Owners (The PLO if you will)
    Meanwhile in all applications for employment and unemployment changed from, get this , Negro to Black., in the “what are you section.”

    Then suddenly some Black asshole decided that Black was not beautiful no more. Like many of us are not purple Black. Some of us are brownish, some whiteish, some inbetweenish, so we want to be called African Americans.

    Done. You are African Americans. And all the applications for employment and un employment, and welfare is changed from
    Black to African American.

    Another wonderful victory for the Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP< and Ebony, and Jet Mag.
    Power to the people Bro!
    These are facts that any 70 year old Knows

    I am not a racist. I rest my case. Explain all this shit to me.
    Moe Tom

  11. I remember a newscaster referring to Nelson Mandela as an African-American. He caught his error mid-sentence and changed it to “black”.

  12. What the sub did was insensitive, ignorant, perhaps even hateful, but was it a crime? Hate is hate and crime is crime but hate is not a crime.

    Hate crime legislation was sold to us as a way to give further punishment to those convicted of crimes that were motivated by hate. It then morphed into a tool providing prosecutors additional charges to apply against criminals who were motivated by hate. Now Hate itself has been criminalized — Hate, as defined by the Left’s Thought Police.

    Sticks and stones may break bones, but names will get you thrown in jail.

    I guess we are only a step away from getting that cherished membership into the EU.

  13. What you assholes need to do is get your act together.
    Are you Negro, Black, African American, or Colored?
    Rev. Al should answer that. question in public and on MSNBC.
    Otherwise we should be able to refer to you as “the Fukawe” tribe, like “where the fuck are we.?.
    Really I’m sick of this bullshit.

  14. Why didn’t the stupid Prog just call them what they are, students?
    What is the obsession with putting people in labeled boxes?

  15. Four 13-year-old students at Jay Stream Middle School in Carol Stream say they were in a social studies class working on a project about the Cold War….

    The substitute zampolit (Chicagograd, USSA) was simply denouncing their deviancy from party diktat like a good Bolshevik.

    Pinko swine get pissed when reminded how Soviet communism was defeated by evil whitey Republicans. That and she was most likely jealous of their lighter skin.

  16. An African American is someone who recently (and legally) came over from Africa.
    No one in Africa thinks a black person in America is an African American.

  17. I wish we could just stick to color as a descriptive word and stop all these word games. I still haven’t met a white person from caucasia.

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