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People are going to miss him like…

Diogene’s Middle Finger – Obamabots in the media are already lamenting the impending end of the Obama Administration. Author Michael Lewis on a recent appearance on the Charlie Rose show thinks Obama got a raw deal. “I think history is going to be very kind to him…the year after he’s out people are going to miss him.”




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  1. The only way that girl is going to get the title “Miss Obama”, is if she wins the beauty contest that will no doubt be organized by her worshippers to honor her. It’ll be close, because look what they have to choose from, but girls who attract flies, rats and other vermin rarely win beauty contests.

  2. Wait a minute. Does Barry think he’s going anywhere by 2017? The American people may have to evict him kicking and screaming from the White House and pry that pen and phone from his hands. He’s going to hang on to the presidency as long as he can, by any means necessary.

  3. …like that mouse that died in between the walls two weeks ago (actually not in this house, but they use to do that in my childhood home and it would be quite unpleasant for a week or so).

  4. I will miss him like I will miss a case of herpes…

    I will miss him like I will miss a bought of ebola virus…

    I will miss him like I will miss a being married to the Mooch…

    Now that’s saying something.

  5. @Charlie Walks: I really do miss the best fish and shrimp tacos in the world served by Kenyas Tacos right on the main road (MEX Hiway 1) in Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Yea baby!

  6. Michael Lewis is listed as a writer of non-fiction books. Perhaps he is trying to break in to writing fantasy books. If this is the level of his thinking skills I will skip reading any of his books. I predict I won’t miss anything by not reading them.

  7. The Charlie Rose show… More like the Victor-Charlie Rose Show.

    Remember this: Boehner had it in his control to de-fund PBS, and thus the Rose commie hour. Who is worse, the Roses, or Boehner, who had the power to stop them?

  8. Pretty much everything above except for I kind of like fish tacos, these days I never go south of the border for anything. I had some fish jurkey down there, it reminded me of a fishnet, and we almost got robbed but the loser fell out of my boat when I hit a bump towing it in Rosarita.

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