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Someone Check George Conway’s Browser History


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  1. I saw his campaign stuff all over Utah back in 2020.
    Had to tell the wife, “He is NOT a conservative, he is NOT a Republican”.
    I am SO glad that he was soundly trounced, not even one electoral vote.
    Meanwhile, I got to pick up stacks of the cardboard and corrugated plastic campaign signs. I’ll be using them for target practice.

  2. What’s up with George Conway’s diet plan? Which must be eat everything in sight. Notice the 1960’s hairdo to make his fat fing face seem slimmer. Freaken guys a dirigible. This guy has zero self control and zero self respect. And I’m suppose to take any of these fat bastards seriously?
    Several/many news anchors have reported Rick Wilson never bathes and stinks like shit. More self control issues.
    So we’re suppose to believe these weak sisters over Trump? Not me. .

  3. ^^^
    I’m thinking you haven’t seen real testicles. That MoFo doesn’t even qualify as a limp dick. There’s a few peeps I’d drill right in the face if I ever saw them on the street. Rick, where’s my dick, Wilson is at the top of the list. Mr Democracy got me kicked off twitter cause I labeled him Mr. Magoo. Proudly a name that still sticks. Again, fat, no personal hygiene, no self respect, no personal pride in ones self. A feaken dirt bag.
    If you get the impression I’m not fond of lil dick Rick Wilson, you’re probably right.

  4. Just a matter of time before Creepy Conway will be exposed as a predator perv. His wife, Kellyanne is possibly an enabler and should not continue to be an associate with the Trump campaign. She would more than likely share confidential campaign information with her toady husband.

  5. ^^^^^
    Kellyanne has already spoken out against Trump when it was fashionable. Short lived after the polling numbers came in. A fair weather friend I guess. I’ve not seen Trump trying to recruiter her for battle number two. She deserves lil dick George. Life is to short for this bull shit as a couple. In the long run I PRAY FOR THEIR KIDS. They have about zero chance.

  6. ^^^ Never trusted Kellyanne. She’s flaky. You’re right, her kids need prayer. God only knows what icky things George has done to them and Kellyanne just let him.

  7. Weird how homo GOPers founded “Log Cabin Republicans”—named for Lincoln’s home—organization for themselves, Nevertrumpers founded the “Lincoln Association” for themselves, and there’s a persistent myth among fags that Abe Lincoln was a homo. I’m sure it’s all just coincidence.


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