Son of Clinton-Defending Preacher Suspected of Leaking From Clinton-Email Probe

J. Philip Wogaman was a radical preacher who supported partial-birth abortion and homosexuality. In addition to publicly defending Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinksy scandal, Wogaman stood up for the communist regime in the Soviet Union.

Epoch Times:

The Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) suspected in early 2016 that the son of a prominent Clinton-defending preacher leaked sensitive information from a small team working on the Clinton-email inquiry, according to documents released to the public on Aug. 14.

Intelligence Community Inspector General Charles McCullough suspected that Paul Wogaman, the son of a preacher to the Clintons, was leaking information from the small team reviewing the classification levels of the emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized server, according to the testimony of ICIG investigator Frank Rucker, who spoke to Congress on Dec. 4 last year.

According to Rucker, McCullough was so concerned about the leaks that he “considered pulling and examining everybody’s phone records,” the interview transcript states.

McCullough came to suspect Wogaman as the leaker after Wikileaks released John Podesta’s emails. In one of the emails, dated Feb. 9,  2016, David Kendall, the attorney representing Hillary Clinton in the email-server probe, describes a meeting which took place the same day between Jennifer Duck, the chief of staff to Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.) and a person described only as “our favorite son.” read more

9 Comments on Son of Clinton-Defending Preacher Suspected of Leaking From Clinton-Email Probe

  1. Preaching leftism behind one of the many shields liberals use to defect criticism.

    “Why do you hate:
    people of color?”

    Yep, as soon as you criticize liberalism, they throw that garbage in your face.

  2. For crying out loud! If the linked article was written as fiction, you’d think you were reading the overheated imaginings of a first time writer. Fact *is* stranger than fiction, indeed!

    It’s irritating! It seems that when it comes down to it there are really only about 3-4 hundred people working for agencies in D.C. The same 3-4 hundred who just cycle through them all after being caught doing crimes at one and then move on to another. And they’re all related by blood or marriage.

  3. I’m confused, was he leaking info to Wiki-Leaks or was he leaking information back to the Clinton camp about the status of investigation into her illegal use of private email?

  4. We’ve been told for 3 years that it was the RUSSIANS working for Trump who “hacked” into Hillary’s emails. So is Wogaman a Russian?

    I want to hear Hillary singing: “The only one who could ever reach me…was the son of a preacher man…”

  5. Not only was he never investigated and held accountable, but he was rewarded with another govt position at ODNI (thanks Dan Coats), under the TRUMP admin.

    and why not? IG knew he was leaker, but never confronted him.


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