Sotomayor Stays Birth Control Mandate

The Daily Beast –

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who oversees the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, has issued a stay on the birth control mandate for religious groups. The request, made by an order of Catholic nuns in Colorado, was granted just hours before the new mandate went to effect on January 1. It comes as the Supreme Court takes up a legal challenge to the mandate brought by the for-profit company Hobby Lobby, which says the mandate violates its religious freedom.


I’m not linking, but the comments at The Daily Bleat are ridiculous.

These choads shouted “separation of church and state!!!!!!” for decades. Now those chickens come home to roost and they don’t like it. They resort to despicable vile nonsense, like this-

Rob654: If somehow those little boys could get pregnant, you can bet the Catholic church would not only have no problem with birth control they would suddenly say that God commanded little boys to take birth control.

Fred C. Dobbs_Jr: they make sure th little girls cant get preggo by sodomising them.

And then there’s these rock solid brains –

Indestruction: I am getting pretty sick of the misuse of the term religious freedom. letting your employees use, or supplying your employees with birth control does not infringe on your religious freedom at all!

Forcing you to pay for and supply your employees with something your faith considers a sin is not at all an imposition. Okay then.

And then there’s this enigmatic rebuttal. (You try and unravel if this is a rebuttal or not.)

AiredaleLady: Just say no! That is something I was taught as a child: if I didn’t like something or disagreed with something, I was told to just say no.

I think that’s what Hobby Lobby did.



8 Comments on Sotomayor Stays Birth Control Mandate

  1. The metaphor of a F6 twister to that of liberalism leaves everything in an area totally destroyed. Detroit is just it’s recent example with NYC soon to follow. Obamadon’tcare is the next program in a unfettered line of destructive progtard “feelgood” actions that will have a wake of destruction.

    Sad part is how unbelievable obtuse liberals are to their own support regarding their horrible policies.

  2. The left screams at the tops of their collective lungs at government “STAY OUT OF MY VAGINA!”, and even have their children do it, then they go apeshit crazy when it actually happens.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  3. These employers have no real obligation to provide ANY medical insurance coverage. But the coverage they do provide is not good enough and the liberals spew venom and hatred. Liberal logic in action.

  4. Any wonder that she was the one who got the honor of flipping the switch to drop the ball in Times Square last night?

    And that Miley Cyrus performing, what a great role model for young people!

  5. Hello, Indestruction?

    I’m getting pretty sick of the misuse of the phrase “Separation of Church and State.” This phrase does not appear in the Constitution at all. And yet you dishrags keep screaming about it.

    I’m also getting pretty sick of the misuse of the English language by dirtbag liberals.

    Oh, and while we’re on the subject, I’m getting pretty sick of the misuse of our entire Constitution to justify abortion, gay marriage and transgender bathroom issues.

    Finally, I am really getting horribly sick of Liberals who are have the intellectual heft of a dryer sheet acting like they’re so smart.

  6. Heh. An Obama SCOTUS pick denied him smoother siling in his “signature” legislation. The Lord works in mysterious ways.


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