SPIKE JONES: Tchaikovsky Medley – IOTW Report

SPIKE JONES: Tchaikovsky Medley

I have never seen this before, and I love it. Those suits! 🤣 -MJA

h/t and thanks to Full Auto

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  1. I remember watching him as a little Galt back in the 50’s. Had a TV with a 6″ square screen. Boy, you youngsters have it made today.

    Look up The Show of Shows with Cid Cearar. Comics could be funny without the swearing and the filth that passes for humor today.

    And yes, that walk to and from school uphill both ways was a killer but I’ll let the gang here walk on my lawn.

  2. Long time fan!! I’ve got most of their stuff on vinyl and CDs plus the definitive history written by Jordan Young. These guys were a riot!!! This is great stuff!!!!!

  3. The talent here is off the chart. The rehearsal and work that goes into routines like these just to get the timing is uncanny and kudos goes to each and every musician and performer. No one in today’s talent pool could duplicate this perfection.


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