Spike Lee Says That Blacks Moving Into White Neighborhoods Should Be Humble, Keep a Low Profile and Not Complain

Oh, wait. I got that backwards. He said gentrifying whites should be humble and subservient to the rightful owners of a neighborhood.

Friggin idiot.


41 Comments on Spike Lee Says That Blacks Moving Into White Neighborhoods Should Be Humble, Keep a Low Profile and Not Complain

  1. Thanks for the advice Spike, but we have a great multiracial neighborhood here and we all get along. Even the few blacks–and we don’t see them as “blacks” like you see us as whites and others. We have many Asians, Italians, Jews, Christians, and yes, Spike, a few blacks. Good luck bustin’ up our neighborhood. The Italians would bust their skull, the Jews would tell them what, the Christians would correct their scripture, and the whites would watch dancing with the stars.

  2. Small detail:

    (NOTE: Upper East Side is NOT exactly Harlem)

  3. Someday, somebody with balls will say something to the likes of Nword Lee on the air and not apolgize, just stick with it, and there will be an explosion.I figure about 2065 when the ice caps melt and there is water up to the 20th floor of the Empire State Building. SopikeFucking Lee! What a piece of shit!

  4. Gentrification, another racist word for ‘can’t pay the rent’.
    I had the same permanent address for 55 years, the taxes got so high I couldn’t survive on a retirement income. Sold it for half what the tax rolls had it’s value listed.
    Does Spike think he is ‘special’?
    Yeah, special, as in short bus.

  5. 200 years ago some blacks may or may not have been slaves.
    But they were thankful to be in such a great country.
    The blacks today have a “giant” you owe me chip on their shoulder.
    Well Phuck you

  6. I don’t think I have ever heard of a black person complaining.
    Sorry. I never heard of one that did not complain. Seriously.
    Give me a name of a non complaining black.

  7. I can think of plenty ^^^
    Thomas Sowell, Alan Keyes, Clarence Thomas, Condalisa Rice…
    It the likes of Spike Lee, Sharpton and Jesse Jackson that make it a career out of their skin color and playing the victim.

  8. I’ll take his comments to heart, and extrapolate them to the immigration debate…problem solved.

  9. What a dumbass. As a result of his rant, his parents and their white neighbor were vandalized. Giving out their address was stupid. Didn’t he learn anything when he gave out the wrong address for Geo. Zimmerman and a terrified couple had to leave their house? Give him Detroit. No white people will bother him there.

  10. That guy obviously has had some al moose-limb inserted up his ass.
    Does his name show up on the whizzle house guest list?

  11. Moving into his neighborhood would be a down grade to my existence. No matter how lush or nice or upscale it would suck just by him being there.

  12. Anyone remember the movie Raisin In The Sun with Sidney Poitier (they made us watch this as part of a school assembly back in the early 70’s). Now it could be renamed Cracker/Honkie In The Sun. Idjits, who’s discriminating against who now? Not that I would want to live in the hood.

  13. How ironic. This attitude will totes spike the POSSIBILITY of Jungle Fever even existing in his ‘hood.

    Man, has he aged. Time to join the Crabby Old Black Commie Brigade with Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte.

  14. @bitter clinger, you left off O’Bama’s dad, Frank Marshall Davis. The proof is in the pudding.
    Look at a photo of O’Bama’s youngest and one of FMD.
    If that isn’t grandfather, granddaughter, your eyes are lying.

  15. Now it’s a bad scene: a (white) mother pushing a baby carriage a 3AM in Harlem, garbage pickup and cops on street patrol.

    And I thought that would be an improvement in the quality of life.

  16. It was a black part of town after the Irish, Polish, Jewish, Italian, German…..

    Aw hell I aint got time to list all the different people who’ve moved in and out of NYC over the years.

    Move to Cuba were all the HAPPY black folk are.

  17. Yeah, if I move to Detroit I’ll be sure to be “humble”.

    Detroit must be a paradise now with all those people not suffering “job-lock” in drudgery, and free to pursue their dreams.

  18. The child is black, the mom is white.
    Together they learn to be Alinksy-ites.

  19. Well let me check my list. Yep I thought so, his statements fall under my rule 2A which require a “fuck him” response.

  20. Look at what Spike’s half brother has to say.

    “And I think Spike needs to stop with whatever situation he was talking about over here ’cause he doesn’t live here and he’s not involved in it, you know,” half brother Arnold Lee told CBS 2′s Jessica Schneider.


    The home next to his Dad’s place was tagged with “Do the Right Thing” and had a window broken after Lee’s rant.

  21. I remember the 1967 race riot in Milwaukee when the Blacks tried to move into the Polish neighborhood. four people, including a Patrolman, were dead, hundreds were injured, and 1,740 had been arrested.
    The riot resulted in widespread looting, fires, and sniping.
    I miss the old days, we’ve become complacent and pussy-fied.

  22. Must be rough having herds of guilty white liberals constantly smiling at you and condescendingly offering to balance your checkbook. That’s because deep down (they know) you really “need” the help. In addition to letting you beat, rape and kill them to atone for their collectivized guilt.

    Good times.

  23. Old Spikes a racist through and through. Having said that you also have to consider that some of these rants are calculated to get this washed up director some attention and maybe money for a lame movie.

  24. Yeah, it must be just terrible for honkys to move into a black neighborhood and prove, time and again, that the invisible hand of captialist, free enterprise beats the stuffing out of the the Left’s social experimentation. And, yes, it is impossible for those Section 8, EBT, free cable, etc. to remain, because so-called gentrification (socialist-speak for “we just want our kids to get to school without being hit on by drug dealers and safe from stray banger bullets”) is incompatible with the Keynes school of poverty economics.

  25. I am a white guy and worse yet a middle aged one.
    The ONLY white guilt I feel is the guilt of wasting good beer and ammo. True, it is hard to feel guilty when you have three basic emotions; hungry, horny and pissed off.

  26. Ever notice the shorter the black guy the bigger the mouth? I’m serious.


    Magnifies also when they’re in a pack

  27. Funny how they have to translate with the caption.

    Also the C Sucker Anderson won’t be around for long, his show is down 47% viewership from a year ago in the ratings.


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