Sports journalist Whitlock accuses Obama of being among BLM ‘grifters’ politicizing Floyd’s death – IOTW Report

Sports journalist Whitlock accuses Obama of being among BLM ‘grifters’ politicizing Floyd’s death


Sports journalist Jason Whitlock on Thursday accused former President Barack Obama of being among Black Lives Matters “grifters,” in a series of tweets that delivered a wide-ranging attack on American culture including that black leaders prefer having George Floyd dead so they can “use him for political power.”

Whitlock made the Twitter posts one day after the two-year anniversary of Floyd dying while police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota, were arresting him.

“Obama, and the other BLM grifters prefer him dead so you can use him for political power,” Whitlock said in one tweet, likely referring, at least in part, to how the national Black Lives Matter organization has pulled in millions since Floyd’s death and the leaders of the group, as a result, have spent freely.

In another tweet, Whitlock struck a pessimistic tone about American culture today, compared to the unity Americans showed after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, in which nearly 3,000 people died, most of them in the Word Trade Center towers in Manhattan. MORE

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  1. no shit sherlock, blm is a very very heavily funded slush fund for the political party/sjw

    just like everything else, the name is the opposite of what they actually do like the affordable care act, patriot act, etc. etc. etc.

  2. Obama’s comments about the Uvalde tragedy reminded me of Whoopi’s comments about the Holocaust tragedy — if the events are not about black victims and racism, then they immediately circle back to that and remind everyone who the real, unending victims are.
    Everything else and everybody else is no big deal.

  3. Duh!

    If you want truth, or even simple facts, stay the Hell away from politicians, bureaucrats, media-maggots, Hollyweird, Wall St., Madison Ave., Big Pharma, and Academia – they spew only lies.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Fagbama’s mother was a dime store prostitute. She should have stuck with a BJ Only policy with Fag’s deadbeat father.

  5. To me it sounds like they’re priming the pump for more riots this summer!

    After all, it’s an election year…

  6. Obama a grifter? I don’t rate him that high myself. You’ve seen that scum on a pond. Somewhere beneath it lurks an obama.

  7. just wish this purple lipped son of a wh*re would go s*ck his wife’s di*k and disappear forever…certainly there are great blacks, but this SOB started the racial problems again and now we have a lot of useless Biden supporters agitating…BLM is the worst…you want my respect…? Earn it…!!!


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