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Stampede! Panic at Penn Station


– False reports of gunfire caused panic at Penn Station and the nearby flagship Macy’s store on Friday evening.  the confusion apparently started when a police officer used a Taser on a man during an arrest.  The sound or flash started the panic, which spread through the station.  16 people were injured in the stampede that followed.

It happened during a rush hour commuter train disruption that left thousands of people stranded in the train station at the start of the holiday weekend.  more

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  1. I travel all over the country for work. About a year ago I saw a sushi booth in an airport concourse and thought; “Who in their right mind would eat airport sushi? What could be worse?”. Last month I found it at NYC Penn Station – train station sushi.

  2. Amazing. The liberals spend an enormous amount of time and money spreading panic as much as possible.

    I find it a bizarre kind of Justice that they are victim to their herd mentality. Couldn’t have happened in a better location!

  3. I was born in Manhattan and raised in the Bronx. Boughtt a house in NJ 31 years ago, but will always be a”New Yorker” . I commuted from NJ to NYC until I had my children. I take the subway all the time, but I have to say, under the most normal circumstances, NJ Transit at Penn Station is scary. There might be a thousand people waiting for the posting for the track for their train. It’s never the same track, like Metro North at Grand Central. 300 people could be making a single file to get through the track door. There were huge delays last evening due to yet another track problem. Tension is always high there. I can completely understand the frazzled nerves and the stampede. I’m surprised it doesn’t happen every day.

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