Star golfer receives beat down from wife after poor performance

Smokeroom: Pro golfer Lucas Glover’s wife Krista was arrested this week after she allegedly attacked her husband for playing a poor round of golf in the Players Championship on Sunday.

According to the Daily Mail:

The incident report shows Lucas told deputies Krista gets violent every time he doesn’t play well in a major PGA tournament.

And since he had a bad day alongside Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson and Justin Rose at The Players, she allegedly went off on him at dinner time and showered him with insults, including ‘p***y’ and ‘loser,’ the incident report reads.

The attack was in front of their two underage children and Lucas’ mother, according to deputies.

Lucas told deputies how ‘when he plays a bad round of golf, Krista proceeds to start an altercation with him and telling him how he is a loser and a p***y, how he needs to fire everyone, and how he’d better win or her and the kids would leave him and he would never see the kids again,’ the report reads.

Yikes. This is not good. Not good at all. Not only did she allegedly attack her husband, who is almost definitely the family bread winner (he reportedly raked in $20.1 million since going pro), but she did it in front of their children. And she may have also attacked Lucas’ mother while she was at it.  more here

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  1. He’s probably inspired to do better next time. Nothing like a happy home to help build your confidence to go out and really do your best.

  2. No wonder he is not playing well,who the hell could.”You are a pussy and a loser if you don’t win I will take your kids away”,that’s helpful.
    She has no tits,or class. She will be a real hit at the next PGA wife’s dinner.
    Golf is a mental game.

  3. She would get along with me just fine…..When i’m a pussy I score a helluva lot better from the ladies tees….mao mao mao…..

  4. That is one strange body type…

    Trade that model in for a new one or none at all. That and get custody of the kids as she’s obviously a psycho.

  5. Lucas is a top 100 golfer. He’s probably pulling down $1-2 million a year and he has to come home to this b*tch?? I would get a divorce and full custody of the kids tomorrow.

  6. Golf? GREAT sport.

    Paging Jack Nicklaus. Name a better athlete, designer (of own field in a sense) and business man. COMBINED.

    I was on my high school team when golf was still considered FAGGY compared to football or beisbol, which is the most UNIQUE/BEST sport.

    I wonder how many people were hit with a 3 wood?

    OR 3 Iron for that matter?


  7. Glover is a great Golfer and maybe if he cuts that chain off, he will be an exceptional Golfer.

  8. So…she can abuse him, and his mother, and subject their children to her mental illness, and he’ll get to give her the house and rarely see the kids, who she will poison against their “loser, pussy” dad. And he’ll get to pay for that privilege as well. MGTOW forever.

  9. It’s a toss up of who’s crazier. The lush of a wife or him for putting up with her.

  10. A long time ago a friend gave me some good advice about divorce: “it will cost you half of everything you own, and it will be the best money you ever spent”. Guy needs to cut his losses now rather than later.


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