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Starbucks drops mandate, Nike kicks employees to the curb

OREGON WATCHDOG: In light of the Supreme Court ruling striking down the OHSA vaccine mandate different companies are responding differently.

Seattle based Starbucks has dropped the vaccine mandate saying, “We respect the court’s ruling and will comply”.

Meanwhile NIKE and Columbia Sportswear have announced they will plan to start firing employees immediately who refuse to vaccinate.  NIKE is Oregon’s largest company.

Target and McDonalds refused to issue comment.  Previously Boeing dropped their mandate back in December.

16 Comments on Starbucks drops mandate, Nike kicks employees to the curb

  1. Fuck Nike. Overhyped, overpriced crap made with Chinese slave labor, and every time someone gets shot dead over a pair of their shoes, Nike profits from the free publicity.

    And I don’t drink coffee, but good for you, Starbucks — at least this time.

  2. Stopped wearing Nikes years ago because they were cheaply made – the soles always came unglued from the uppers. That was before I even knew about their slave labor sourcing.

  3. Have you seen the fuckheads that work at StarSchmucks?
    Washers through their ears, nose bolts, dumb ass tats that mean absolutely nothing, rainbow hair colours and degrees in Fuck All Useful.
    Those types don’t hesitate to quit. Hell, most of them never really started.

    Nike – Fuck them & Colon Crap-on-Dick etc.

  4. Kcir (cause I give a kcuf) – “…Have you seen the fuckheads that work at StarSchmucks?…Those types don’t hesitate to quit…”

    You mean, they didn’t drop the mandate for the benefit if the employees, but rather for the benefit oh their bottom line?? I’m shocked!

  5. Customers are the wrong people to be boycotting the companies with the beastly mandate (not to be confused with a real vax). The employees should be the ones doing the boycotting. Speaking for a friend here.

  6. A couple years ago, when Starbucks decided firearms and the Second Amendment were evil, they put no gun signs in their windows. Well that lasted about 15 minutes in my county where everyone carries a gun. Starbucks is currently fighting the unions tooth and nail. Now this. It turns out Starbucks is run by a bunch of Capitalists that only care about their bottom line. Good on them. They run their biz the way it should be run. For Profit.

  7. practically anything we buy that’s from China is crap. it’s purposely made so cheaply that it will break within a few years so you have to purchase something new, as none of it is designed to be repaired.

    get it suckers?

    (at least when we laughed at ‘made in Japan’, back in the ’60’s, it would last for years … not today w/ the ‘made in China’ crap)


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