State Dept. leaves contractors in Afghanistan without escape plan


The concerns are heightened by the fact that many of those civilians doing the security and nation-building work of the U.S. government hold sensitive security clearances, making them an attractive target for the enemy.

And the situation could become even more precarious after the U.S. military in Afghanistan draws down to just 8,400 troops by year’s end.

“It’s not just a political nightmare for somebody, it’s people’s lives at stake,” said Kevin Ofchus, head of Georgia-based firm Host Nations Perspectives Southwest Asia (HNPSWA) that has security contracts in Afghanistan.

The current situation

“The State Department says there’s a lack of infrastructure to support an emergency response after we’ve spent 15 years and billions of dollars on infrastructure,” he added.


7 Comments on State Dept. leaves contractors in Afghanistan without escape plan

  1. Next best thing to screwing-over the military? Screw-over the military contractors! That way there will be NOBODY to fight the next war. An the fundamental change continues.

  2. Obama’s exit strategy for the contractors is the same strategy Hillary, the Benghazi Bitch, used at Benghazi when she left Americans to die with absolutely NO SUPPORT.

  3. I know contractors. My favorite people. Killers. Military trained Have Gun Will Travel. The agency that they contract thru is ultimately responsible for their extraction. Unless they’re lied to by the people that hired them. Our government.

  4. Lord of the houseflys at it again. Whatever he can do in any way to harm the US he will do. He is somebody that is so evil I would enjoy watching him burn alive.

  5. I have family there working as civilian contractor. Not everyone there is a trained military operative, but would be a sitting duck if things went south quick. The current government officials will leave them, and us, to die without patting an eyelash.

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