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  1. Oscars are really cool fish to have in a freshwater aquarium.

    Other than that, Oscars are an attempt for ‘Hollywood’ to show the ‘little people’ how relevant they are in our lives. And how much self-worth they have by congratulating themselves on enlightening ‘the workers’.

    Prediction: whichever most ‘progressive’ movies & ‘flavor of the day’ actors will win.

  2. Jim Carrey has never been funny except when he played the fire marshal in skits on the old In Living Color show. And that is so long ago it is getting mighty hard to remember, especially with his extreme un-funniness lately.

  3. Yes, Leto will win for playing a tranny. Oscar loves being politically correct.

    Everyone is saying Lupit Nyong’o will win Best Supporting Actress. However, I am predicting an upset: Julia Roberts will get the sympathy vote and win.

    Nancy Motes, Julia’s half-sister, committed suicide on February 9, leaving behind a viciously cruel note pinning the blame for her death on Julia. As if that weren’ bad enough, Nancy’s fiance–a charming gentleman with a history of child molestation–is all over the news media insisting that Julia is a bitch who did indeed drive her sister to suicide. The prevailing belief is that he’s doing this in the desperate hope that Julia will lay some major money on him to STFU.

  4. Duck Dynasty reruns are available at A&E’s website.
    Notice all the hubub dissipated and the show continues into season 5 with Phil Robertson still leading prayers at the dinner table.

  5. I didn’t see any of those movies, but I did receive an Oscar for renaming Leonardo DiCaprio, Leonardo DiCandlebutt, after reading an article describing an odd scene in the movie.

  6. Oh boy, an Obama voter’s self-congratulation convention!

    I predict a shot of a teary thespian during the requisite “who we lost this year montage” once their beloved heroin/cocaine/MJ/meth/booze addled colleague Philip Seymour Hoffman’s face is shown.

  7. I wonder if any blacks will be there. So the progressive interviewers can bend over backwards pretending they care about black people.
    I hate that the most.

  8. I predict that any actor playing a homosexual will win. Any movie about homosexuals will win. Anything to do with homosexuals will win.

    Remember when Christopher Plummer won a few years ago? My wife was watching and I was passing through the room on my way to clean the bathrooms or some other such more important job when I stopped and watched the award for best supporting actor. As they played the clips from the movies, Plummer’s showed him to be a man that came out as a homosexual. His was the 2nd or 3rd out of 5. I said to my wife, “Oh, that’s the winner.” She asked how I knew and I said, “He’s playing a homosexual.”

    I wonder if he would have even been considered had he played a homosexual that decided to go straight. Of course not!

  9. Seriously, how the hell many award ceremonies do these Hollywood types need to validate their self-worth. I know the Oscars have been around the longest however it seems that every few years a new award and show is created for these smug, glib and modestly talented people. Anyway, haven’t watched the Oscars in years and I suspect that that won’t change in the future.

  10. When I was a kid “Old Hollywood “was there,at award shows. John Wayne was my dad’s favorite.
    That’s the last time I cared about anyone in Hollywood.
    The creeps that are celebrities today make me want to puke.

  11. Whoopi Goldberg’s outfit beats out Mooch’s clown couture by a mile.
    Boring as all get out. Rehashed old songs and old movie clips. Ellen is an awful host.
    Sorry, couldn’t resist watching some of this farcical mess called the Oscars.

  12. I thought Pink did a great job.

    Gravity seems to be cleaning up.
    I’d like Bullock to win, but I think they’ll give it to Kate Blanchett.

    WTF was wrong with Goldie Hawn’s face?
    Botox overload?
    What a mess!

  13. Best picture is either 12 Years a Slave or Dallas Buyer’s Club. AIDS or the cruel plight of slaves in America – I didn’t see either, but I’m calling my shot based on political correctness.

  14. Predictions:

    Best Picture – Gravity

    Best Actor – Chiwetel Ejiofor or Matthew McConaughey (black character or gay character)

    Best Actress – Cate Blanchett – though I think Amy Adams should get it.

  15. I’m only half watching since I have the Oscars on as background noise, so I can’t call best actor or best actress inasmuch as I don’t know who is nominated. However, having given my bold prediction on best picture, my bold predictions on these other categories are:

    Best Actress: Meryl Streep will again not win, even if she was nominated.

    Best Actor: Tom Hanks has won for more politically correct movies, so even though he is an entertaining actor, he will not win for a non-gay, non-disabled, non-oppressed role.

  16. Kinda disagree about Ellen DeGeneres sucking as host. Quick quips in or out of commercials, straight into introductions, even performing half of her duties from the audience; she makes the show about the awards instead of about her.

    The schtick with the pizza was quirky, and I like quirky. It may have also derailed a lot of social or political commentary from presenters or recipients because it was such a mundane, ordinary activity done in the context of the ultimate overblown awards show.

  17. A gay friend of mine posted on Facebook how giddy he was to get to watch the Oscars tonight. I just couldn’t say anything to him about it. I cannot think of a more godless, immoral snakepit than Hollywood, and I can’t bring myself to care about watching the Oscars. Besides, it has become a political awards show more than anything.

  18. Matthew McConaughey thanking God was a very gutsy move. Many members of the audience would have probably been more comfortable if McConaughey had confessed to torturing and eating children than admitting to being a Christian.

  19. Wake up dude? I’ve been awake and working in the trenches of that cesspool.
    Politics follow pop culture and we need to break up the Left’s hold on Hollywood. Ain’t gonna happen with the attitudes I see here.

  20. Mr. Pinko. Reread this thread. My gawd man are you a groupie or what. Fxck them. And as far as winning Hollywierd, ain’t gonna happen. Obamacare will do the trick.

  21. The Academy Awards show was nothing more than mindless entertainment, and people should just treat it as that. But many people don’t – they imbue Hollywood with intelligence and common sense, or lack thereof, that isn’t usually warranted just because many actors are very good at portraying people they aren’t.

    Like it or not, popular culture influences many, if not most aspects of our lives. One can spend hours trying to figure out who to root for in Syria or if it our concern at all (usually without any success), but Dallas Buyer’s Club can be watched in a couple of hours. Popular culture is important, and one willfully ignores it at one’s peril.

  22. I remember reading a left wing blog at least 10 years ago. This guy had the idea of all lefties joining the NRA taking it over and destroying it.
    Yeah….that will work.
    Some things are institutions. Very hard to change.

  23. We have to somehow figure out how to be a part of pop culture or the right will forever be in the weeds. Turn some lefties to the right to help us because relying on the current GOP to define hip and entertaining is a complete waste of time.

  24. Illustr8r, Left alone, the LEFT is on a self destructive path. Pop cultures target audience is dumb, but not stupid. Socialized medical care will do the trick. They’re already catching on.Too much money out of the wallet to get high on a Saturday night is all bad.

  25. Thank you, thank you Academy of Motion Pictures for bestowing your greatest honor to an important film such as 12 Years A Slave. This film should be shown in schools and in sensitivity classes. Racism is not over. We still have travesties like the senseless assassinations of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis.

  26. If you are someone who’s skills require you to work with liberals. I see why you might think you can change them. But you can’t. Imagine someone trying to change a conservative G-d loving person into an Obama lover.
    Not an easy task.
    People are who they are.
    Hollywood loves gay people. Gay people make me want to puke. That’s just one issue.
    They hate guns and people who have guns. Well I’m just the opposite.
    You are not going to change Hollywood.

  27. @BadBrad I sure hope Obamacare wakes people up. The polls seem to show it but the people I know locally are all about increasing the minimum wage, amnesty and Ocare being AOK. Lets see what happens in the mid terms.

  28. Illustr8r, His policies are about to start hitting the “Pop Culture” where it hurts. However things are much more dynamic then that. Some what new reports are out that a very large percentage of conservatives sat the last presidential election out. Who are these people and how hard can we slap their dumb asses.

  29. One problem is letting people over the age of 18 ride their parents insurance. Take that away by executive order.
    Make 18 and up buy their own insurance. You would see a huge shift in the voting public.
    There would be marches on DC by the young.

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