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Study finds harmful levels of ‘forever chemicals’ in popular bandage brands

Sara Carter:

A new consumer study tested several brands of bandages and found higher levels of fluorine in bandages from Band-Aid, CVS Health, Walmart, Rite Aid, Target and Curad, which contain harmful levels of “forever chemicals,” also known as PFAS.

The study by Mamavation and Environmental Health News revealed that out of 40 bandages from 18 different brands, 26 contained organic fluorine, an indicator of PFAS.

“Because bandages are placed upon open wounds, it’s troubling to learn that they may be also exposing children and adults to PFAS,” said Dr. Linda S. Birnbaum, the study’s co-author and the former director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and National Toxicology Program. more

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  1. The goal is to outlaw every form of self-help so you have to turn to the Party for EVERYTHING, even a Band-Aid.

    All of which can be given or denied at political whim.

    …for a wonderful snapshot of the CURRENT state of Corporate/Government “health care”, read this and consider that it is a STARTING point, the endgame will be MUCH worse…

  2. …I think it’s some kind of sick, dark joke that they so piously claim once more their concern is “for the children”, even as Govenment indoctrination centers MANDATE an experimental gene therapy with a PROVEN record of maiming, crippling, sterilizing, mutating, and killing children WHO AREN’T EVEN AT RISK be pumped repeatedly into their bodies because that’s how vaxxxine lawsuit immunity works and NO OTHER DAMN REASON, with our ever-helpful politicians lying for the corrupted “doctors” every step of the way…

  3. I haven’t trusted anything since I found out soy sauce is made from fermented crickets. After some more research I found a few brands that do it differently and a homemade recipe that I’m going to try.

  4. Supposedly “dangerous” “forever” chemicals.
    What is the chemical? What does it do? What is the danger? What are the threshold limits?

    IIRC, when i was a young’un, a fluoride wash was used on my teeth to strengthen the enamel and prevent decay.

  5. Brad
    WEDNESDAY, 10 APRIL 2024, 17:19 AT 5:19 PM

    Every machinist has a tube or two of that stuff in their box. Comes in handy for gluing finger back on.”

    …A few years back (pre-Coof) I had the supposedly “medical” version of this “professionally” applied in what purpoted to be a hospital ER, and I was amazed at how much LESS effective the “hospital” version was than the real thing.

    I was actually only in it for the tetanus booster since my last one was expired (cut myself on a rusty floor vacuum machine, so I wanted some antibiotics and such too), but the NP or PA or whatever the hell they use to chintz on doctors these days REALLY insisted on showing off her mad (and apparently quite new) skills, so we had to pretend my cut was serious enough to warrant more than gauze or I wouldn’t get what I wanted, so sew it was. Except I guess the kids don’t know how to tie catgut knots nowadays, so (after a relaxing Betadine soak) she busted out this tube of sticky, globbbed it all over my finger joint while completely missing the actual wound, and looked up proudly like she’d just earned a cookie or something. Since I’d previously seen worse in a different ER when a nurse or some shit poked himself with the anesthetic needle when treating my wife’s lizard bite, ran off with no explanation, and left us hanging for an hour until a different person told us he was in a closet somewhere gibbering in fear because he thought she might have given him AIDS via his own incompetence (she did NOT or that would have been an interesting ride home), I just smiled and thanked her for saving my life as I just wanted to leave after getting the antibiotics and tetanus shot, with the manitory Worker’s Comp pee test that the hospital lab had to hire an outside firm to do (no shit, a guy had to come in a car from Quest Labs or something INTO THE ER to administer it) thrown in for laffs, so I was pretty done by then.

    Of course my finger started bleeding again in the parking lot, but I carry a surprising amount of gauze and such wherever I go, so I took care of the wound dressing myself, although the glob of misnamed super glue kind of got in the way, and chunked off a short time later on its own.

    I’m pretty old school in wound dressings because they didn’t have clinical grade Super Glue in my day, but I’ve been glad to have it at times since, like when my MIL fell and cut her scalp slightly and I didn’t want to wrap her scalp like the Spirit of ’76 floutist, and a couple of other folks wounds at work too when the company had neglected to buy metal detectable bandaids (food plant), and have found it to be effective when properly applied.

    Probably not great for amputations but minor skin trauma, sure.

    The medical ones are supposedly more waterproof tho, but having spent much of my youth trying and failing to wash Super Glue used for models and things of my Moms that I broke and such off my guilty fingers, I’m honestly not sure how true that is…

  6. There currently isn’t anything worse than the forever chemicals that make up the Covid poison jab. They are probably leaching into the environment from Covidian waste that’s supposed to be filtered out of “treated” drinking water in some places. How really effective or safe is that process?

    Great doubt the EPA, especially under evil Demwit Joe’s administration, cares about clean water – only about cleaning the pockets of taxpayers and crippling utility companies.

  7. SNS

    Yea, we had the medical version in the shop a couple years back. You can order it through medical supply companies. Completely safe because they took the sticky stuff out. Didn’t work for shit.
    Speaking if dressing wounds, when I was in my early twenties I worked at a shop with this old codger Herb. Herb was in his mid 70’s when I ran into him. Toughest son of a bitch I think I’ve ever run across. WWII vet. After the war he fed he and his wife as a bare knuckle prize fighter. If I knew I were getting into a bar room brawl the guy I’d want standing next to me would have been Herb. Anyway one day old Herbs running a manual lather with a 4 jaw chuck on it. Take a cut on some pretty ugly castings. Last thing old Herb would do to the part is grab a file and take the bur off the edge of the part. The file he was using was missing the file handle. Not that unusual. Anyway he made the mistake of getting to close to the chuck with the end of that file and it drove it through the meaty part of his hand between his thumb and index finger. So Herb cusses for about 5 minutes, went over and grabbed some kimwipes, shoved one through the wound and wrapped the whole thing with duck taped. This happened in the morning. At lunch time he ran down to the nearest doc in a box, got it stitched up, came back and finished his shift. They don’t make them like that anymore.

  8. Uncle Al
    WEDNESDAY, 10 APRIL 2024, 18:16 AT 6:16 PM
    “@SNS — When it comes to wound stapling, do you recommend Bostich or Swingline? 🙄”

    …there’s an old story about a guy who ripped a testicle out while masturbaing with a drive belt and stapled it back in with an industrial stapler so he didn’t have to tell anyone what happened until the bleeding and massive infection gave it away, but I’ve never been sure about the veracity of that one, but it’s a painful tale anyway so what the he’ll, pretend it’s real and say it’s not a good idea…

    …I DID see a young man’s experiment with a vacuum cleaner that went horribly wrong, but that’s a different story for another day…

  9. Covid, forever chemicals, ozone holes, micro plastics, climate change, the list of things they want us to worry about is endless and meant to distract us from what we really need to be worried about which is government overreach. Have you ever known a government official that actually knew what he was talking about? There may be some out there somewhere but I would bet honest used car sales men are much more numerous.

  10. “Have you ever known a government official that actually knew what he was talking about?” -mod

    I knew several 30 years ago. They’re now dead.

    Also, you are too much the gentle soul. “government overreach” – that’s a very mild and slightly kind way of expressing deliberate government MALICE, which is what we actually have, imo.

    This is not criticism. Carry on.

  11. Brad
    WEDNESDAY, 10 APRIL 2024, 18:18 AT 6:18 PM

    “They don’t make them like that anymore.”

    …mostly I’d agree with you, but we have this one big kid who we hired mostly to push 500 pound carts around, don’t know a lot of his story but he’s big and quiet and a hard worker, and came up ghetto Black but doesn’t practice it at work.

    Anyway, this kid goes to our ESG guy who runs our industrial first aid program, and says he’s got something he did at home in his shoulder bugging him and could our guy get it out?

    Thinking it was a splinter or something, pretty much the upper bound of our medical capacity, guy said sure let’s see it.

    Turned out it was a healed over bullet wound and the slug had worked its way up to just below the skin.

    My friend kind of backed off at that point, surgical removal of bullets not really being something we’re supposed to get into in a food plant, so guy just shrugged and went back to work.

    So yeah, most of the kids lack a WWII toughness.

    But I’m not sure that it’s COMPLETELY gone…

  12. Bandaids are for girls. Boys squirt a bit of Neosporin on the wound, then put a piece of medical tape from a pharmacy over it. The Mycitracin spoils the stickum over the injury so the only thing pulled off with removal is some manly hair nearby.


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