Study: Women View Male Feminists As Less Masculine

DC: According to a psychological study published by Aleksander B. Gunderson of the University of Oslo, Norway, and Jonas R. Kunst of the University of Oslo and Yale University, people view male feminists as less masculine.

“Many people hold negative stereotypes about feminists,” the authors write in the study abstract. “Verbally, feminist women are often described in masculine terms whereas feminist men tend to be described in feminine terms.”   more here

13 Comments on Study: Women View Male Feminists As Less Masculine

  1. And this is a Leftist study intended to promote Feminism and improve the image of male feminists.

    As Dave Barry says, you just can’t make this stuff up.

  2. Talk about…Next.

    Feminists, please tell us something that is not known already…idiots.

  3. One of the authors is named Jonas R. Kunst. Rufus, you’re right, you can’t make this shit up.

  4. Hilarious how when white people try to advocate for blacks, they get slammed for it, but that concept is completely lost on feministas. If the Left had any kind of consistently applied logic they wouldn’t want men to advocate for women, right?

    And then you’ve got men who somehow sympathize with manly women who don’t seem to need any help being militant.

    Women who are okay with being women without making a big deal out it aren’t at all interested in men who prefer to identify with masculine women. Funny how the Left’s “improvement” on the sexes gets everything screwed up, isn’t it?

    Phil Donahue and Alan Alda, icons of New Age Sensitive Guys and leaders of the feminist movement. What else do we need to know about beta males?

  5. This is because they are. I learned this back in college. If you try to be everything women claim they want in a man, they won’t be the least bit interested in having sex with you. But they’ll be happy to share with you the great sex they regularly have the the man who possesses all the traits the very same women claim to hate in a man.

    Don’t let some clueless broad tell you what it is to be a man. Because most of them have no fucking clue, none. Just look at all the guys who get laid, get women pregnant, and then take off without being held accountable for a fucking thing.

  6. @TheMule May 22, 2018 at 12:06 am

    You’ve given me an idea. America needs a new political party. A party that just lies about what they want. And then does what they always do. Because that’s what they want. What? Oh. Never mind.


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