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Surprise! Harry is every bit as awful as Meghan


By Andrea Widburg

I’m sure I was not alone in feeling that Harry was one of those okay guys who fell in love with the wrong woman, turned into a milquetoast, and allowed her to call the shots in their relationship, no matter how stupid, cruel, or self-centered those shots were. Harry’s memoir, however, establishes that the low-IQ but ordinary guy we thought we knew was, in reality, every bit as awful as his wife.

The one-time Prince Harry always seemed like an impressively ordinary guy for someone raised in the Royal Family. He publicly went through his stupid teens and early 20s but seemed to settle down after seeing active duty in Iraq and founding the Invictus Games. When Prince William and Kate became an item, Harry seemed happy palling around with them.

And then, Meghan Markle appeared. The world thought it witnessed her transforming Harry into an awful version of a California guy, whining with his posh accent about getting in touch with his feelings. We immediately knew that Markle was a bad apple using the royal family’s stratospheric fame, along with the race and sex cards, to elevate her status in the world, maybe right into the White House.

However, now that we’ve learned the contents of Harry’s memoir, entitled Spare, is an anguished, existential scream, all stemming from the fact that his older brother is first in line to the throne, there’s a new complexion on things. Harry, it turns out, found and married his emotional doppelgänger.

I have not and will not read the book. Just reading the Daily Mail’s headlines, though, tells you that only a person with a heart of stone could fail to laugh at the sheer horror of Harry’s life as a young scion of the most famous family in the world: MORE

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  1. Of ALL the shit you can slam this emasculated toad for, aggressively looking for employment for his wife IS THE FUCKING LEAST.

    I used to like him, he was a soldier and his mum was taken from him at a young age.
    Meghan took his balls and it’s a fucking travesty.

    As for Meghan, HOW IN THE FUCK does she represent black folk?
    For fucks SAKE…Rachel Dolezal has far more black street cred.
    Hell, I likely have more black blood!

  2. Anyone with at least half a brain and one functioning testicle would have called a halt to Meghan’s bullshit long before things got to this point. Harry is unsalvageable.

  3. This Pink Little Bitch also disclosed how when he and his brother were pre teen his brother smacked him in his pussy and slammed him down a a dog food bowl creating intense pain in his hip
    It was a fucking pre teen brother fight and this dick’s carrying on like it was so traumatic he can’t deal. Fuck these two pussies. Notice there’s no one around to rebutt their bull shit. These two clowns should just eat the 007 cyanide capsules and end it. Why did we let them migrate here? Netflix has got to be pissed.

  4. Harry is the classic example of pussywhipped…. For some men that might be understandable. But he had the pick of THOUSANDS of hot women….almost all of them superior to the one he actually chose.

  5. I’m laughing that a half-breed brought down a Prince and his homies with him. Doubtful the Royals will come out and say anything, it’s not like them. Keep an upper stiff lip and all, the British public will finish them off. I bet Markle has Harry convinced that his father killed his mother. I see Charles distancing himself more and more. It’s nothing to Charles, he already knows whose kid Harry belongs to – it isn’t the Royals. This whole thing will blow up in The Markles faces.

  6. I DESPISE MEMEMEghan Markle. Utter cunt. She didn’t get what she wanted when she married into the royal family, so she made it her mission in life to take them down. The late Queen was very kind to her(she admitted that)but stabbed an old lady in the back just because she didn’t want to even try to fit in. She actually wanted Windsor castle to live in, not just a group of rooms, this bitch wanted the whole thing for her, the idiot & their spawn. She also thought that she & the ginger devil should jump the queue to be the next in line of succession. Protocols & traditions mean nothing to an entitled, narcissistic slag like her, because she is Meghan! And that is all that matters.

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