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Susan Rice to step down as Biden’s top domestic policy official next month

CBS: Washington — Susan Rice, one of President Biden’s most trusted aides and his top domestic policy official, will be leaving the administration next month in what will mark one of the most high-profile departures from his administration, the White House announced Monday.

Since the start of Mr. Biden’s presidency, Rice has led the domestic policy council, a powerful White House office overseeing a wide-ranging set of issues, from health care and gun control initiatives, to U.S. immigration and border policy.

Rice served as national security adviser and United Nations ambassador under former President Barack Obama. In a statement, Mr. Biden praised Rice’s tenure, highlighting her pivotal role in advancing his agenda. more here

20 Comments on Susan Rice to step down as Biden’s top domestic policy official next month

  1. I agree with Brad, her sudden departure is the final kiss off to the Pedo. Stick a fork in him, she was the direct conduit to ValJar and Soros funds. No way he be allowed to announce.

    She fully controlled the demented meatsack that is the Pedo. Manchelle is going to be the nominee and that will spell the end of the dipshit tweener,

    The Pedo will resign soon so Commiela can get her grift on till 24 then step aside for the coronation of the Wookie…

    Followed by pardons for everyone from the Cackling Cunt before Manchelle is inaugurated.

  2. Gee, thanks for advancing “Joe’s agenda” Susan. Your work has helped to contribute to sky high gasoline prices, high inflation, a cratering economy, potential food insecurity, porous borders, militant transgenders, lack of any plan to reduce violence in Democrat controlled cities, black on black crime, men posing as women in women’s sports, risking a major war with a nation that possesses nuclear weapons, making it more difficult for the US to become energy independent, probably influence peddling through Hunter Biden, etc. etc.

    But we do know that Joe likes chocolate chip ice cream. There’s that.

  3. She hasn’t been medically trained to deal with a dementia patient. She sees the handwriting on the wall with Biden, and she’s making her exit before TSHTF.

  4. Give her an orange jumpsuit and ship her to Gitmo. I sure hope she doesn’t think that resigning absolves her of her treason, or her complicity in the crimes against humanity she has been an active co-conspirator to.

  5. The Barry Crime Syndicate is moving to Kenya. That includes Rice and Jarrett. No more consulting Dementia Joe. Barry’s done with him.

    BTW, the left might accept KamalMao as President after Dementia Joe is disposed of…er…permanently vacationed shortly after he’s possibly *ahem* “reelected”. Yea, KamalMao is dumber than a box of rocks but she makes a great placeholder.


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