Sweden is falling apart – IOTW Report

Sweden is falling apart

30 grenades in half a year in Malmö alone, surging crime rates, and rapes are rampant.

muslim car bomb in malmo sweden

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  1. People wonder why Obama let ISIS spread so rampantly.

    Here’s why:
    – With ISIS turmoil we have mass exodus into European countries
    – Mass immigration causes disruption of the white European lifestyles
    – Racist Obama has succeeded in disrupting white lives in Europe
    – Mission accomplished

  2. the Dumb Swedes brought this on themselves. Places like the Netherlands, Britain and France have the excuse that their Filthy Moslem Savages are from their former colonies. But Sweden? What colonies?I can imagine my cousins Sven, Olaf and Inga from the old country are going to be contacting me soon, “hey, can we come over for a visit?”

  3. Sweden is a look into western civ’s future. Conquest by demography is expressly called for by moslims.

    It’s well on it’s way here too.

  4. When the filthy ragheads rape Swede MEN – the Swede men CRY instead of KILL.

    THAT spells the end of ANY civilization.

  5. Hey, muslims keep telling us they’re going to “take over the world” and we just offer them candy and turn a blind eye to them like they’re children. Yeah, they’re inbred children with large weapons.
    That’s the real issue here.

  6. Mau Mau was the Kikuyu uprising in Kenya between 1952 and 1960. There was a novel that described the oathing ceremonies of the Mau Maus which included eating human infant’s brains and sex with animals.

    Similar to moslems.

  7. The government of Sweden is so desperate to figure this out that they’ve brought in crack consultants from the US FBI, who are all quite certain that it’s the Tea Party doing all this, because, according to the latest DoJ directives, there couldn’t possibly be any other group that would engage in this kind of carnage.

  8. A good friend of mine is of Swedish ancestry, capitulation is most certainly in their DNA. He is proud of his heritage…but he does not see any problems in this country with illegal aliens (and we are in Virginia where the state is turning blue rapidly…the whole darn state seems like it is a sanctuary for illegals). I ask him all the time, where is that good old Viking blood? He won’t listen to me about the news coming out of Sweden. I think all Sweds suffer from Ostrich Syndrome.

  9. Yeah, and the Swedish meatballs ain’t what they used too be neither. But then they were Stouffers I hae for lunch.

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