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Switzerland: Top Doctor Put in Psych Ward by Police for Covid ‘Misinformation’

SLAY NEWS: A top doctor has spoken out to reveal how he was arrested by police and put in a psych ward over allegations that his views about treating COVID-19 constituted “misinformation.”

Dr. Thomas Binder, a Swiss cardiologist with a doctorate in immunology and virology, says police forcibly took him to a psychiatric ward to be examined for mental illness.

Authorities determined that Binder, who has held a private practice for 24 years, should be examined for mental illness in response to his public criticism of Covid restrictions, mandates, and testing.

Binder had argued that the methods were unscientific.

On April 9, 2020, Binder published a post on his blog that gave an analysis of Covid and the government’s mitigation efforts.

According to WND, the post received 20,000 views and soon caught the attention of the authorities.

He hoped it would prompt action, but two colleagues alerted the chief of state police, claiming Binder was a threat to himself and the government. MORE

25 Comments on Switzerland: Top Doctor Put in Psych Ward by Police for Covid ‘Misinformation’

  1. “…claiming Binder was a threat to himself and the government.”

    Mostly to the Government.

    Can’t have people using actual science and facts questioning Official Government Narratives, now, CAN we?

    The Führerprinzip demands absolute authority from above, absolute obedience from below.

    We will TELL you what the facts are.

    And you will ACCEPT them or else.

    This isn’t a debate.

    Know your PLACE.

  2. If you have children in ANY school other than one you know to be truthful about all subjects and with no indoctrination, get them out NOW!

    If you have grandchildren in a bad school, lean on your kids to get them out now.

    Find a way to home school or join a home school group. It’s that critical.

  3. This happened in Maine:

    MIT-educated anti-vaxxer doctor who treated COVID patients with Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine has her license suspended and must undergo psychiatric evaluation ‘for spreading misinformation’
    Dr Meryl Ness, 70, had her medical license suspended in Maine over COVID misinformation
    Maine’s Board of Licensure in Medicine voted to have Ness, who has been practicing medicine for four decades, undergo psychiatric evaluation

    I emailed Guv Mills asking her if everyone involved is going to issue a public apology and pay lost wages.

  4. Beachmom — More serious than that, even. They unilaterally denied her of her 1A rights. Only when the perps go to jail will they stop doing this.

  5. BobM — You’re either kidding or you should go in for a psych eval. Willful ignorance is no way to go through life, son.

  6. The greatest strides in medicine have come from those who refused to follow the rules.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Again lock him up! You don’t like my opinion tuff. I’m not your son either. I might even be older than you. In America one has the God given right to have an opinion. He should lose his license.

  8. ^^^ idiot
    “…In America one has the God given right to have an opinion.”

    and you think their license should be pulled because they expressed their opinion?
    ‘You don’t like my his opinion tuff.’

  9. Groucho, BobM, Henry. Check your calendars. It’s time for another booster. In fact just to be safe you should get a couple. You can have mine.

  10. Funny, I would have sworn the title said “Swiss” instead of “Soviet”.
    Putting someone in a psych ward for mental evaluation is something Communists did to dissidents, not free people to other free people.

  11. @Left Coast Dan November 26, 2022 at 2:39 pm

    > Why we have guns.

    To keep our rented castles from floating away with the clouds?

  12. That moment that Trump voters realize that Trump wanted to kill them…

    And then get a Pfizer enduced erection for fauci…

  13. ^^^^^^

    Trump never demanded anybody get the JAB. Your choice. Trump never locked anybody down. Trump was lied to by Fauci and company. In fact the entire ccd. There should be a price to be paid for lying to a sitting President.
    You need to educate yourself about what’s actually going on. The only person on this site that has a stiffy for Fauci is you.


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