Water Skiing With Mirrors

November 13, 2017 Dr. Tar 20

The legislature in Wisconsin sent a bill for Governor Scot Walker’s signature that will allow boaters to pull skiers without a spotter. So long as the boat has a mirror with a wide enough view, they figure the driver can both watch his skier and steer the powerboat, [Read More]

Not Your Typical Road Hazzard

September 22, 2017 Dr. Tar 13

  A couple were returning home late Sunday night from Hurley, WI, after watching the Packers get thrashed by the Falcons, when they came upon another contest in the middle of the highway. They watched the elk go at it for seven minutes before they [Read More]

Wisconsin Working On Law To Toss Campus Speech Thugs

May 31, 2017 Dr. Tar 9

It’s simple, really.  Caught twice shouting down a campus speaker and a crybully gets suspended for a semester. Do it a third time and the violator is expelled. Of course, the left is losing its ever-loving mind defending its favorite fascist tactics for shutting out those they disagree [Read More]

Red State Blue State, Broke State Healthy State

January 20, 2017 Dr. Tar 14

Its a new year and time for states to discuss their current year budget projections.  In California they made a little accounting error calculating the cost of the state’s Med-Cal program, to the tune of $1.6 billion deficit.  Jerry Brown is now calling on his Democrat controlled state [Read More]

It’s official! Hillary loses Wisconsin. Again.

December 12, 2016 MJA 25

Trump’s victory in Wisconsin affirmed following recount. MSN: Republican Donald Trump’s victory in Wisconsin was reaffirmed Monday following a recount that showed him defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton by more than 22,000 votes. Wisconsin finalized its recount on the same day that a federal judge issued [Read More]

Wisconsin Recount Nets Trump 26 Votes

December 7, 2016 MJA 15

LZ: Jill Stein’s crusade to contest the will of voters becomes more futile on fifth day of counting. The recount forced by Green Party nominee Jill Stein in Wisconsin is going swimmingly so far — for President-Elect Donald Trump. Trump has extended his lead over Democratic nominee Hillary [Read More]

First Day Of Wisconsin Recount Nets Hillary 1 Vote

December 2, 2016 BFH 19

DailyCaller: The first day of Wisconsin’s presidential recount narrowed the gap between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President-elect Donald Trump by precisely one vote. […] But the first results to emerge suggest the final tally will be rather close to the original one. Only [Read More]

Wisconsin rejects doing recount by hand; Stein to sue

November 28, 2016 MJA 17

MWJS: Madison — The Wisconsin Elections Commission set a timetable Monday for a recount of the presidential election but rejected a request to conduct it by hand made by Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who quickly responded that she would sue. Also Monday, Stein filed a [Read More]

Jill Stein Wants A Recount

November 25, 2016 Dr. Tar 18

  Green Party Candidate Jill Stein, who received just over one percent of the national vote, has raised over $4 million to request recounts in three battle ground states.  She aims to pull in $7 million and claims to have enough now to seek recounts [Read More]

In Milwaukee, hard-pressed black voters dumped Clinton

November 22, 2016 MJA 5

Milwaukee (AFP) – On North Avenue, young black men with nothing to do wander past boarded-up buildings and dilapidated shops. It is a sad, desolate landscape. They and other African Americans in Milwaukee contributed to Hillary Clinton’s crushing defeat in the presidential election: not only [Read More]

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