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It Isn’t All Bad News Out of Wisconsin

NBC News

Janet Protasiewicz, a judge on the Milwaukee County Circuit Court, has won a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, giving liberals their first majority on the state’s highest court in 15 years. More

Money from all over the Demo-sphere poured into Protasiewicz’s campaign. Here

Now the good news, the three referendum items passed with a clear majority. Here

In addition, it looks like Republicans will have two-thirds control of the state senate. According to the state constitution that means they can remove state officials. That could include Governor Evers or their new judge on the supreme court bench. Here

8 Comments on It Isn’t All Bad News Out of Wisconsin

  1. Ahhh, but will the RepubeliTards have the spine and cojones to protect their citizens from The Insanity?

  2. The people who run the WI GOP should be tarred and feathered. Kelly was a horseshit candidate, refused to say if he would endorse his primary challenger in the general election if he were to lose and ran a feckless campaign. But at least the party leaders can still get cocktails bought for them by lobbyists in Madison bars.

  3. A democrat controlled state supreme court will simply overturn any popular referendum the filthy, stinking, evil, communist piece of shit democrats don’t like. California has done that for decades.


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