Taiwanese TSMC Workers Reportedly Aim to Have Children in Arizona so Kids Become U.S. Citizens – IOTW Report

Taiwanese TSMC Workers Reportedly Aim to Have Children in Arizona so Kids Become U.S. Citizens

AZ Sun Times: A Tuesday report which detailed alleged culture clashes between local workers and those from Taiwan at the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) facilities in Arizona reveals some workers from Taiwan, who relocated to Arizona to build the plants, will seek to start or expand families so their children reap the benefits of U.S. citizenship.

The Rest of World report described TSMC’s ventures in Arizona as a “debacle,” with American engineers subjected to intense scrutiny, public humiliation and restricted communications while being trained by TSMC in Taiwan.

Conversely, the workers from Taiwan were reportedly unconvinced their American counterparts held “the kind of dedication and obedience they believe to be the foundation” of TSMC’s success, bolstering one semiconductor industry analyst’s claim to the outlet that TSMC “tried to make Arizona Taiwanese” without success. more

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  1. I posted this on a thread yesterday. Taiwan Semi is invading AZ. Which is cool, unless they plan on importing all Taiwanese to employ. Taiwan Semi is still subject to US labor laws. Sue them, get rich. And then go to work across the street for Intel.
    As far as the anchor babies, screw that.

  2. I read a couple weeks ago that TSMC was seriously reconsidering their investment in the US over DEI requirements in order to receive federal government (taxpayer) handouts. Turns out they believe in merit, not color or gender.

  3. Couple interesting things, Taiwan is not a DFARs approved country. Meaning I can’t use anything manufacture there to use in military parts I deliver the the Government. Historically the US has always considered Taiwan as part of China. That’s the truth.
    We currently have a shit load of Green Barret on the front lines with the Taiwanese.
    Last month we delivered on three FMS contracts with a five day turn headed for Taiwan. Unheard of. The parts were picked up by the Gov and driven to an outbound transport.
    I quote every damn thing and have not seen a solicitation for an FMS contract to Israel or the Uke. Ever. For the last year. WTF? My DCMA pals are going, something ain’t right here.
    I think our dog is being wagged.

  4. One of my sons is an engineer for ASML, the Dutch company that makes the machines used by TSMC to produce semiconductors. He’s been to Taiwan several times to train on those machines at TSMC. TSMC is totally dependent on the machines built by ASML. No other company on Earth has the capability to build them. My son hasn’t reported any trouble with the people at TSMC but he doesn’t work for them. Without the latest EUV photolithography machines made by ASML, TSMC would be doomed.

  5. @ Brad
    I love you like a crazy brother-in-law, Brad, but you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about and you’re as full of shit as a hack horse. LOL Do some research! Good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.


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