Teacher gives students animal-activist comic books: Farmer fights back in the classroom

FarmersForum: An Eastern Ontario beef farmer said she was “vibrating I was so angry” when her son brought home from school an animal activist propaganda booklet disguised as a comic book. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) sent boxes of comic books to the local school and a teacher, who judged the book by its cover, innocently passed them around to the Grade One class.

The farmer, who asked her name not be used because she fears reprisal from animal activists, said that at first glance she saw no issue with the comic as it looked professional and inviting. Then she noticed the PETA logo on the upper left-hand corner of the front page.

“When I read through it, it was just horrendous the stuff they had published in there and how they were making farmers out to be such evil people,” she said. “I was vibrating I was so angry. The graphics really told the story. Even if your child couldn’t read, he got the concept.”

PETA has become more subtle with their comic books over the years. A 2003 comic book had a cartoon woman looking like she was from a 1950s TV show stabbing a rabbit with a bloody knife and blood spurting all over the place. It was titled “Your Mommy Kills Animals.”  MORE

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  1. Maybe the farmer could also research and pass information out to the community (not to the school children – too young), on how PETA cons people out of money, saying they need it to care for pets and animals (that they’ve adopted from a local shelter, for window-front show). Then, when PETA has the money, they kill the animals and dump the bodies in a dumpster.

  2. It’s always the same; the school apologizes after the damage has already been done. They are not sorry; they just hope they sneak in the propaganda before the parents catch wind of it.

  3. Larry, when a chicken or calf or steer or pig has the intellectual and moral capacity to consciously engage in contractual agreements with me, I’ll stop eating them. Until that time, yum! Outlaw eating meat if you can, but if you try to enforce that law I will kill you. Do I make myself clear?

  4. Those friggin PETA turds never cease to amuse me.
    I wonder if there opposed to their vegetables being fertilized with manure?

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