Ted Cruz Campaign Manager – Who is Jeff Roe?

Who is Jeff Roe? He’s been called “scum of the earth”,

photo by Keith Myers kmyers@kcstar.com

“piece of sh!t”, a “creep”, “no ethics”, “soul-less” … among a plethora of other pejoratives.

Let’s examine the man behind Ted Cruz’s campaign.

In a 2010 congressional race, Jeff Roe managed Billy Long’s campaign against Scott Eckersley. (source)

A HOAX e-mail sent to news media outlets, and a “tweet” issued by a fake Twitter account, announced that Eckersley had suspended his campaign due to personal reasons. Eckersley blames his opponent, Republican Billy Long, for sending out the hoax days before the election.

“You know this is dirty politics. This is Jeff Roe-style management.”
(Does the Jeff Roe playbook sound familiar?)
From MissouriNet
Roe has routinely battled Democrats. In 2006 he mauled Democrat Sara Jo Shettles’ campaign for Missouri’s 6th District House seat, held by U.S. Rep. Sam Graves. A Roe-produced ad linked Shettles with “smut” because she sold ads for a company that published an adult magazine.
Shettles had nothing to do with the adult publication, and she remains bitter about her experience with Roe.
“It’s a game to him,” she said. “He’s done rotten things to people with long-lasting impact.”
From KansasCity.com
In 2008, Roe demolished former Kansas City mayor Kay Barnes’ congressional campaign against Graves by linking her with the “San Francisco values” of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
(Jeff Roe playbook sound familiar?)
Roe once ordered aides to comb through opponents’ trash, looking for campaign fodder. He hired operatives to track candidates with video cameras, leading some to complain of unnecessary provocation and to file complaints with police. Roe has long defended such tactics.
“These are not prom-queen elections,” he said in 2007. “Who’s elected, what their values are, all that determines the direction of the nation.”
In 2005, Roe established Kansas City-based Axiom Strategies, a political consulting and direct-mail firm.
In 2014, at least two GOP candidates for Missouri governor — Catherine Hanaway and Tom Schweich — tried to hire Axiom for their campaigns. Hanaway won the competition.
In February 2015, Roe drafted and aired a radio ad on Hanaway’s behalf, comparing Schweich with fictional deputy sheriff Barney Fife. (Audio here)
The radio ad transcript: “Elections have consequences. Tom Schweich, like him? No. Is he a weak candidate for governor? Absolutely, just look at him. He could be easily confused for the deputy sheriff of Mayberry.”
“But, more importantly, he can be manipulated. That’s why Sen. Claire McCaskill and Pres. Obama enlisted my help to meddle in another Republican primary with Schweich as our pawn. Schweich and McCaskill are tied at the hip. Schweich even gave money to McCaskill’s campaign.”
“Schweich is an obviously weaker opponent against Democrat Chris Koster. Once Schweich obtains the Republican nomination, we will quickly squash him like a bug that he is and put our candidate, Chris Koster in the governor’s mansion.”
A few days later after the ad ran Schweich took his own life.
Friends say Schweich’s fragile mental state played a major role in that tragedy, and inaccurate claims that Schweich was Jewish concerned the state auditor. But some Schweich associates believe he was particularly worried about Roe — he kept a computer file, friends say, of information he believed damaging to the consultant.
Roe’s radio ad, the friends say, played a part in pushing Schweich over the edge.
“The commercial had no factual basis whatsoever. None. Zero,” Missouri Sen. Mike Parson, a Republican, said at the time. “It speaks volumes as to how far out of hand things have become, to base attacks on someone’s appearance, and to make reference to one being small.”
Former U.S. senator Jack Danforth of Missouri, a Republican, called the ad’s producers bullies, and he has not changed his mind.
“I meant everybody behind that ad,” he said last week, including Roe.
Cruz control
Few of Roe’s Missouri friends are surprised at his success with the Cruz campaign. Roe said he “begged” for the job after working for Cruz’s 2012 Republican Senate opponent in Texas.

“Our campaign manager is a very, very talented, incredibly effective manager,” Senator Cruz told reporters after his Iowa speech.

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41 Comments on Ted Cruz Campaign Manager – Who is Jeff Roe?

  1. People who haven’t figured Cruz and his dishonest campaign out by now either have their fingers to their ears while chanting, “la la la la, I can’t hear you!” or their “conservative values” bear a strong resemblance to progressive values.

    And we all thought Axelrod was bad. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. At least Valerie Jarrett has an actual cause. Roe would do this just for the money — regardless of candidate. Pathological.

  2. If you have a nice guy as your campaign manager you’re going to lose.
    Managers of all types are looking for an edge because their entire livelihood hinges on success.
    Sometimes success hinges on pushing the boundaries of “fairness.”

    Sounds like Roe read Trump’s book Art of the Deal.

  3. Fur — Sorry, but that’s old school political thinking. We’re approaching a new paradigm and we hope it’s here to stay. No one should accept this kind of politicking as the norm. This is how elections are literally stolen from Americans who have taken the time to vote — already a woefully low number. Trump has engaged people on the issues and with his positive message.

    Have you read The Art of the Deal or are you assuming Trump advises dishonesty in deal-making? I can tell you that no one would last in the business world for more than one or two crooked deals before the WSJ, Forbes or Business Week would be all over that story — as well as all the assorted prosecutors.

  4. If he’s done anything illegal prosecute him, if he’s done anything sleazy on the Cruz Campaign, expose it and force them to fire him.

    Otherwise, game on.

  5. Tough choice between Cruz and Trump: a candidate with a campaign manager who may be disgusting, or a candidate who is disgusting

  6. What I’m reading here is that absolutely anything low down, dishonest, filthy and skating toward, but not quite, “illegal” is okay if it wins an election.

    Move over Tammany Hall, Boss Tweed, Tom Pendergast! Get out of the way Richard Daley! You pikers! You amateurs! Ted Cruz is going to show us all how it’s really done!

  7. Sounds like he is the man for the job.

    Everybody else can live in la la land and think that winning coaches don’t push the rules and winning political candidates don’t push the rules.

    That just isn’t the case.

    We live in a world where people lawyer up and are acquitted for murder, other people might flaunt all rules regarding secured email and nothing happens. If you don’t think every campaign has a hit man you need to either get off the weed or get on it.

  8. I have no problem going after Democrats with Roe – I do have a problem using these tactics in the primaries. Remember Reagan’s 11 commandment

  9. Is Dave Helling the same guy who wrote;

    “Bob Dole is one of the smartest politicians I’ve ever met.”

    It is almost hilarious when you watch people claim that this kind of campaigning is not acceptable or as was said here “old school”. You obviously don’t know history because this has been the norm from the beginning. Read about the election of 1804 or any of the other many hotly contested elections from the history of this country.

    It seems funny when you watch the supporters of the guy people applaud for using crude language claim this proves Cruz is bad because he has such a campaign manager. Is Cruz supposed to be better than Jefferson? That is what is being demanded. He is Christian, but he is NOT perfect.

    Which falls right in line with the other differences between Trump and Cruz. Trump has 10, maybe 15 examples where he made a statement showing support for what could be defined as a liberal position and a couple, 3, 4, maybe 5 examples now of him taking the opposite position. Well this proves he is conservative or on the right side of an issue. Cruz has 10, maybe 15 examples where he made a statement shows support for what is the conservative position and a couple, 3 ,4, maybe 5 examples that can be construed to show a lack of support for that position, but NOT support for the opposite position. And somehow this proves he can’t be trusted and is actually a trick, a guy who will betray you.

    Just fun to watch……

  10. Hmm, so a candidate kills himself because he’s compared to Barney Fife and this Roe character is to blame? It just goes to prove that the fellow had no business running for dogcatcher let alone Governor. It’s also interesting to note that the deceased candidate tried to hire Roe but lost the bidding war.

    As for the sources quoted by the author, Dave Helling works as a political reporter for the Kansas City Star, a Maclatchy Paper. Here is an example of his reporting:

    The other source is Steve Kraske, also a political reporter (as well as a Journalism Professor) at the Kansas City Star. Here is an example of his reporting:
    I especially like where he added Jimmy Carter to his list of great Presidential candidates.

    Anyway, this Roe may be the bane of the opposition and represent the dark side of politics but perhaps if Huckabee or even McCain had him running their campaigns then they certainly would have been darker but then maybe the country wouldn’t be in the shape it is now as Obama may have been sent back to not showing up in the Senate where he was plucked from.

    I’m beginning to wish Roe had been advising our former Prime Minister Harper and maybe we wouldn’t have elected the half witted son of Pierre Trudeau (who did incredible damage to Canada during his tenure(s)) who decided to take in 25,000 new Syrian refugees (half of which aren’t Syrian, some of which are Islamic extremists and none of which were in physical danger as they came from refugee camps in Turkey), or ended Air Operations against ISIS, or decided that oil extraction and oil pipelines need to be rethought or spending the country into the poorhouse….; the list goes on and on. Sorry for the rant. Good article Mr. Pinko but desperate times call for desperate measures.

  11. I can only name one candidate in all of Washington DC who has the balls and intelligence to stand up and point out the crimes of the corrupt politicians (on both sides) day after day after day. And I think it would be a damned shame if we lost that guy.

    Go ahead and say that Trump could replace him. I won’t argue with that. The point is: we only have two guys left to bet on, all the rest are a loser’s bet.

    Don’t expect me to applaud when you go knocking one of our only two chances to get out of this communist clusterfuck.

    What if Trump died of a heart attack before the election? Now our only other guy with a chance of winning has to run against the dirty rap sheet the “conservatives” have handed to the democrats. Now the dems don’t even have to design their own smear campaign — the republicans have already done that for them.

    Just my .00002 pesos. I see myself voting for Trump in the general unless Cruz (fat chance now) is ahead in the polls.

  12. You’ve stated my position clearly, Unruly.
    I’ve said it time and time again that sites/people/contributors that are so all-in for their guy that they start to do ratfucking and psyops against the other GOP contender (one who has a legitimate chance at winning) instead of just pushing their guy with positivity, is setting themselves up to look like a friggin idiot in the general when their guy doesn’t win.
    Either their credibility will be strained, at best, or they will resort to becoming the enemy and continue to write and post negative crap against our only chance to defeat the left.

    It’s insane. I do not like it.

    I’ve been put in a difficult position trying to balance readers and contributors alike.

  13. Uh oh, a campaign manager plays hardball and walks the line. That’s what they do – the candidate can’t do it himself or herself, so they hire some immoral son-of-a-bitch to make themselves look good and others look bad. Almost all successful politicians at every level, even local, have an asswipe in their corner.

    Hillary or Bernie have similar type people involved in their campaigns (notice how Bernie hasn’t been as nice to Hillary in the past few weeks? That’s his campaign manager talking.), and if Satan was available, either one would hire him.

  14. 81% success rate for candidates, not arrested, not charged, not indicted, and those complaining are Democrats or Establishment GOP that supported the other side’s losers… so there’s that

  15. look at it another way…
    Trump never called Cruz a pussy … he just mentioned that someone in the audience did
    Trump never said his supporters wouldn’t care if he shot someone … he mentioned that the news media said they wouldn’t be surprised if his supporters acted that way
    Trump never put out fake flyers pimping out people to their neighbors because they might not have voted lately
    Trump never lied that Ben Carson was dropping out of the race to try to get people to change their votes
    Trump never claimed “we can be in this race to show this country the face of the God that we serve” … http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/heidi-cruz-face-of-god (I’m a Christian, & I gotta admit that’s a bit creepy)
    I am getting sick & tired of all this bashing on either side, but Cruz… he’s getting to the point where he’s starting to creep me out a bit …
    don’t get me wrong, It doesn’t matter who wins. It will practically be over by the time my state votes in the primary… except for the ‘giving over of the delegates’ to the establishment candidate. I will support the inevitable republican nominee. but, if you don’t think these tactics don’t matter …. the media is going to eat this up come the general election race … they’ll paint Cruz so dirty, he’ll never get out of the tar pit…. Trump will let it roll off him like a duck with water.
    btw, you approve of this, then don’t whine when the other candidates come back & use the same on your boy.

    ( & yes.. I know it ain’t beanbag… save it for the general election. because all they are doing is wounding the inevitable candidate & giving the media/demonRATs ammunition)

  16. This man is evil he is known as the Karl Rove of MO and in that area it’s not a complement. GOP leaders denounced his tactics. As they say you are known by the company you keep.

    In emotional speech, Sen. Mike Parson says negative campaign pressure, consultants ‘destroyed’ Tom Schweich

    In emotional speech, Sen. Mike Parson says negative campaign pressure, consultants ‘destroyed’ Tom Schweich


    Axiom has also worked for candidates and causes that might make a Ted Cruz supporter balk. Federal election records show the National Republican Congressional Committee, an establishment party organ and bête noire to the far right, paid Roe’s firm nearly $90,000 between 2009 and 2014 for strategy consulting, among other things, according to federal election records. Roe helped mainstream Republican Senator Pat Roberts in Kansas—a RINO in the eyes of many conservatives—defeat a Tea Party challenger and win re-election in 2014. Perhaps most damaging in the eyes of movement conservatives, that same year Roe’s mail firm was behind a $234,000 negative ad blitz in Kansas’ 1st congressional district funded by a super PAC called Now or Never. The target was one of the most conservative members of Congress, Representative Tim Huelskamp of Kansas, who was being challenged in the Republican primary.


  17. I don’t know about him being the scum of the earth and all, but I thought that was Caitlyn Jenner standing behind him!

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