We still have a chance to stop a ‘mistake of historic proportion’

By Sen. Ted Cruz

Today, the international community led by the United States has agreed to not only legitimize and perpetuate the Iranian nuclear program, but also to further arm and enrich the brutal theocratic regime that has oppressed the Iranian people for more than thirty years – a regime that is wrongfully holding United States citizens captive, that is sponsoring radical Islamic terrorism across the globe, and that regularly promotes the destruction of both Israel and America throughout its streets.


Despite these facts, it seems President Obama would concede almost anything to get any deal – even a terrible deal – from the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Under the terms of this deal, Iran will retain all of its centrifuges, one-third of which will continue to spin. Rather than the most intrusive inspections regime in history that we were promised, IAEA inspectors must petition the mullahs to visit sensitive sites, and wait for two weeks for their permission. In a final, shocking concession, the United States will support lifting of the United Nations arms embargos that restrict the Iranian ballistic missile program and arms trafficking. And in return, billions of dollars of economic relief will flow to Tehran.

Yet, in his remarks this morning, the President glossed over the truth about Iran’s world-leading state-sponsorship of terrorism that is violently destabilizing the region, and would grow more deadly should the Iranians get a nuclear bomb. He failed to mention American citizens, Saeed Abedini, Amir Hekmati, and Jason Rezaian, who continue to languish in Iranian prisons or Robert Levinson, who is still unaccounted for. For them, today is no ‘opportunity to move in a new direction’ as the President claimed.  More at DougRoss

11 Comments on TED CRUZ ON #IRANDEAL

  1. Another part of the deal just let Iran keep the four US hostages.
    I thought we didn’t leave people behind?
    I guess they aren’t as valuable as Bo Berghdahl?

    Maybe Ariana Grande was right?

  2. This is why Ted is still my guy-he goes after the jugular is a level headed manner.

    Now I love Trump and I don’t give a rat’s behind about what he said 10 years ago(or even 2) His unabashed support for this country is a great thing to watch but I don’t think he’s gonna wear well over the long run.

  3. Nice try ted, you and the rest of the Senate elephants (Tom Cotton the lone dissenter) helped make this happen. You assholes gave up the Senate’s role in Treaty Ratification back in May. You and your friends stuck this up the world’s ass.

  4. Exactly right Joe. Congress voted away its power so they can now go to the people and say, “We couldn’t come up with a 2/3’s majority to override the President.”

    If they hadn’t given away their power this friggin’ mess would go nowhere and we could at least remain where we are. This treaty is a done deal. Once again we got screwed and Ted went along with it.

  5. Facts are facts, Mr. Cruz. You did go along with it. The one Titan was Sen. Cotton. I’d still vote for you for president, but I don’t like that you signed on to this.

    And Bob Corker, for heaven’s sake, quit whining and grow a pair.

  6. Cotton is the “Churchill of the Senate,” according to Levin, but he’s got a less-than-stellar voting record according to Conservative Review. I can’t for the life of me figure out who or what he is.

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