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Teen dies when he and sister are trapped in a beach sand collapse

Poor kids.
I don’t get the fascination some people have with hole-digging in sand.

Blaze: A Maine teenager is dead and his sister was rescued after a hole the two were digging on a New Jersey beach collapsed on them, NBC News has reported.

Levy Caverly, 18, and his 17-year-old sister were digging a hole on a Toms River, New Jersey, beach on Tuesday when the sand collapsed in on the two, trapping them.

First responders rushed to the scene, where they found the two trapped in a 10-foot hole on the beach. They were able to rescue the 17-year-old, but 18-year-old Levy died at the scene. The unnamed 17-year-old is expected to recover.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Caverly and his sister dug the hole with frisbees. more here

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  1. I remember year ago reading about kids digging snow caves in the banks near a highway only to get chewed up by a Highway Dept. snow plow!

  2. “The outlet added that Caverly was a recent graduate of the Mid-Coast School of Technology, where he was on the school’s award-winning robotics team.”

    Must use that New Math.

  3. All school kids should learn about “confined spaces” instead of “safe spaces.”

    Today’s kids are learning about CRT and that men can have babies instead of real life or death scenarios.

    Odd that I learned this from reading newspapers over the years of the tragedies.
    Even Baywatch had an episode about it.
    It’s how our generation learn so much compared to today’s with all the free info available.


  4. When I was 5yo we had a historical flood in our area which created a deep, thick muck-like swamp in the alley we used to play ball.
    After the water receded, my older sister and I donned out cute little rain boots and went out to explore. Goaded by big sis to “check it out”, I ventured out into the middle of the muck until I began to sink deeper with each step, my boots filling up with the gunk.
    Panicking and crying with each sinking step, I screamed to my sister “help me”!!!!
    She found the largest stick she could manage and tossed it to me..literally without holding onto the other end.
    I learned a valuable lesson at age 5….never rely on others to think for you and certainly not when you’re sinking in quicksand.

  5. A long time ago, in upstate ny, my snow cave fell in on me. I got out on my own, but it was a struggle and a great lesson that has stayed with me. ‘Learn from the mistakes of others, because you’ll never live long enough to make them all yourself’.

  6. Yes, that is a sad story. But how many 17 year old sisters did Levy have that not giving her name protected her dentity?


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