Tens of Thousands of Syrian ‘Refugees’ Temporarily Return Home For Religious Holiday

AFP — Tens of thousands of Syrians who fled their country’s civil war to Turkey are returning home temporarily to Syria to celebrate a major Muslim holiday, Turkish officials said Monday.

Almost three million Syrians have taken refuge in Turkey since the conflict broke out in 2011, the vast majority living in big cities rather than in camps.

But a relative stability has descended on some areas in northwest Syria following a Turkish military operation against jihadists and a ceasefire backed by Ankara and Moscow earlier this year.

The authorities in Turkey’s southern province of Kilis bordering Syria have put in place a special system whereby Syrians can go home for the Feast of the Sacrifice (Eid al-Adha in Arabic, Kurban Bayrami in Turkish) and return to Turkey afterwards.

After uploading details on a special Internet site and registering, they can leave Turkish territory through the Oncupinar border gate until Wednesday and then must return by October 15.  more

18 Comments on Tens of Thousands of Syrian ‘Refugees’ Temporarily Return Home For Religious Holiday

  1. If it weren’t Turkeystan, I’d suggest they revoke return privileges.

    But, since they’re both in the same “Salad Snackbar!” clan….

  2. Most of them left Syria for economic reasons and a pile of those “refugees” weren’t even Syrian, they were travelling on false papers. In Canada, they figure that at least 3/4’s of the ones pouring through the Quebec border will be on welfare shortly while their claims are processed and in all likelyhood that will take years. So much for all those folks that insisted they would sponsor all the refugees that want to come and it wouldn’t cost the taxpayor anything. The boy king, Trudeau has assured the country that we can handle this many coming in I guess because Canada can always use trained goatherds, opium farmers or Islamic Fundamentalists.

  3. Quick! Install the one-way turnstiles!!!
    Turkey’s sacrifice feast not GOOD ENOUGH for the Syrians…eh?
    (Why do all of their holidays involve death?)

  4. scr_north, I keep reading (Canadian blogs) that Trudeau wanted to stop migrants coming up and then after wards he said he just wanted to slow it down. Even if he does stop it all together, he’s not against giving them welfare. I don’t know, he’s said 4 different things and it doesn’t seem like he’s interested in cutting anyone off to me.


    Wait. There is a holiday feast back home. We’ll go and come back ‘k?

  6. Reminds me a little of the Great Lebanese Airlift of Aught-Six, when all the “Canadians” ran down to the Beirut beaches waving their passports to get on transports and escape the civil war there. Those hosers went straight back to the old country right after things calmed down. Somehow I can’t imagine the Syrians doing the same.

  7. @MJA Ancient Canadian liberal tactic. say one thing in French for Quebec and something different in English for the ROC. rest of Canada.

  8. @MJA, Tom@Drum; With Trudeau what he says depends on the audience/region, the reporters present and the polls. He was demanding that Canada up the number of accepted Syrian refugees from something like 25K he promised during the election to announcing a new goal of 50K in Sept/Oct of 2106 and demanding they all be in by Christmas. It took weeks of convincing from CSIS, RCMP and his own party to back away from that deadline. He’s an idiot with all the socialist ideas of his father but with half the intellect. I guess we should be grateful for small favours.

  9. Shut the door once they are out.

    That’s what I do with my dogs when I want them out for the day.

    They resist when they don’t want to and I want them out, so I leave it open and walk away. That’s ok with them. They’ll go out and come back when they want. We do that here. A lot.

    Except for when I close it on them while they’re out.

    Close the damn door while they’re out. They are not smarter than dogs and worth much less. FFS common sense, bro!

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