Tesla loses a ton of taxpayer dollars

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CaliforniaPoliticalReview: Elon Musk knows how to make money. He comes up with an idea, then gets the taxpayers to give or loan him money or allow him to sell what does not exist—emissions. He get to sell them and makes money. In fact, TESLA, were it not for government and the taxpayer, it would be a massive failure as a business.

“”Since its founding in 2003, the company, which went public in 2010, has earned a profit in just one three-month period. In 2014, it lost $294 million on $3.2 billion in revenue…Some $217 million of that revenue came from the sale to its competitors of zero-emission-vehicle, or ZEV, credits and other pollution allowances.”

How does the ZEV credit program work?  Ten states, led by California, require “major manufacturers of passenger cars and light trucks (up to 8,500 pounds) to attain a certain number of ZEV credits depending on the number of vehicles produced and delivered for sale in the state. The program includes mechanisms to make compliance easier, such as tradable credits and different credit levels depending on the vehicle technology and capability.”  MORE

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  1. Considering that a ton of one dollar bills is worth $908,000… I think it’s safe to say that we’re crumbling under the weight of our own debt.

  2. Although he seems technically quite brilliant, he also seems crafty enough to use other peoples money in his endeavours , eh?

  3. It’s not just Tesla it’s everything this guy owns such as SpaceX, Solar City, Hyperloop et al all depends almost entirely on government money in one form or another. The only company he ever created on his own without government was Zip2 which ended up being bought by Compaq and Musk left with a small pile of cash. Then he formed X.com and hit the jackpot when he merged with another company that had a small online payment service called PayPal. He was booted out of that company but took something like 165 million with him. Then he got the idea of government money and the rest is corporate welfare. Thanks Wiki.

  4. When he gets here, Tommy, kick his ass.
    And make him recite “Mary Had A Little Lamb” one hundred times into your phonograph. 🙂

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