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Texas Green Activist Plans “Guerilla Manuever” Against Fracking

IndependentWomen’sForum:  An environmental activist has launched a “guerilla maneuver” plan to force the Texas Democratic Party to work toward fracking bans in the energy-rich state, the Austin American-Statesman reports.

Jere Locke, who runs the nonprofit Texas Drought Project and has long been involved in environmental matters in Central Texas, has recruited volunteers to gather thousands of signatures during the convention, to be held June 17-18, in a bid to force stronger language onto the party’s platform.

The platform serves as a guiding document for the party and its candidates. … Currently, the state Democratic Party platform says the state “is blessed with natural gas and oil resources and new hydraulic fracturing technologies for extraction have opened up vast resources.”


7 Comments on Texas Green Activist Plans “Guerilla Manuever” Against Fracking

  1. Just who does Jere think he/she is? The reincarnation of Edward Abbey, trying to resurrect The Monkey Wrench Gang?

  2. Fracking, which has caused a greater reduction in man-made CO2 production than anything else? That fracking? ‘Greens’ are idiots, and do more to harm the environment than they help.

  3. The pointless article ends with this, “At any rate, Locke’s agenda is unlikely to be popular in Texas, where energy is a key economic driver.”


  4. And didn’t the Cincinnati Zoo just demonstrate that sometimes you just have to kill a guerrilla ?

  5. Greeniac EnviroNazis won’t be happy until all man (and woman) kind (what few are left) are living in caves, no fires, eating raw what-ever-you-can-catch-or-dig-up.

    I guess if I’m hungry enough, I could eat a Greeniac. And even if I couldn’t, it would reduce the competition for available resources.

  6. What Left Coast Dan said x 100.

    I read “Guerilla Manuever” in the title and then read the article to find typical political effort is what they are talking about.

    We are talking about gathering signatures being called “Guerilla Manuever”. A bit of hype, yes?

    Now I need to go settle down the .308s. They started jumping around and loading themselves at the mention of a Guerilla Manuever in the works.

  7. It’s called terrorism and they should be jailed.

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