Texas House Passes Sanctuary City Ban With Stiff Penalty for Public Officials – IOTW Report

Texas House Passes Sanctuary City Ban With Stiff Penalty for Public Officials

The Stream: The Texas House of Representatives passed a bill Thursday that places a statewide ban on sanctuary cities and allows state officials to jail police chiefs and sheriffs who refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

The measure also lets police officers inquire about the immigration status of anyone they detain or arrest including the subjects of traffic stops.

The Republican-controlled House approved the bill in a 3 a.m. vote, 81-64, after almost 15 hours of debate. Democrats and some Republicans had objected to the provision allowing police to ask about legal status, but the the bill eventually passed with the support of the House tea party faction.

Other Republican-led states have considered similar laws, but Texas would be the first in which local police officials could face criminal charges and be removed from office for not assisting federal immigration enforcement efforts, the Associated Press reported. more

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  1. “If” Ryan or McConnell could actually write legislation and corral and herd the GOP whimpering RINOs this should become federal legislation.
    This is “if” they supported Trump’s Agenda which reflects the desire of the voters.

  2. Anonymous, let ’em! Then those liberal states will be the first to go bankrupt trying to support the criminal illegals over their tax-paying citizens and it will eventually force them into a position where they will have to accept reality and the rule of law in order to survive, or eventually be eaten by their own!

  3. While happy to squash a progressive, I’ll check it out with one thought in mind: I hope this isn’t something that comes back to bite us in the ass when a Dem is in the WH.

    The county sheriff is the most powerful locally elected position here. The one who most likely can protect us from federal oppression.

  4. Hi Left Coast Dan, are you referring to this:

    Hi everyone, you need to study up on immigration law. Go to the Cornell University law site and look up this section:


    Then go to USCIS’ website and look up the 1952 Walter McCarran Immigration and Nationality Act


    Then read up on Title 8 (Immigration and Nationality)


    This is what you need to study in order to debate a libtard on immigration.


    If you want more information, then go to uscis dot gov and look up the section on immigration laws. Pay attention to title 8 and The Walter-McCarran immigration act of 1952. You need to know that “admissibility” is the key concept to immigration. It is the determination that an “intending immigrant” can be welcomed into our society and obey our laws.

    Have fun everyone! 🙂

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