Texas: Houston ambulance carjacked at gunpoint with EMT and patient inside

HOUSTON — A man with a gun carjacked a Houston Fire Department ambulance with an EMT and a patient still inside early Friday, police said.

The incident happened around 3 a.m. near the 610 West Loop and Beechnut, in the Meyerland area.

HFD Chief Samuel Peña said an EMT was driving the ambulance with a patient and another EMT in the back. As they were transporting the patient, an armed man firing shots forced the vehicle to stop. He pointed a gun at the EMT who was driving and took over the vehicle. more

15 Comments on Texas: Houston ambulance carjacked at gunpoint with EMT and patient inside

  1. “Not part of their jobs?”
    Who’s job is it?
    Seems to me they need people with more experience at being carjacked and shot at. Try Chicago

  2. The article doesn’t specify that the suspect was white or TEA Party. Gosh. I wonder what his race and ideological affiliation are?

  3. Damned Amish!
    Always hijacking ambulances!

    Or it could be one of those damned Constitutionalists!

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Really makes ya wonder why we should have any standards when it comes to executing a POS that steals a bamulance with a patient in it doesn’t it?

  5. ….I’ve said here a thousand times that the REST of the City services don’t exist in a vacuum. You HAVE to have order for the REST of it to work.

    This is what I mean.

    Depending on the service, ambulances may have all SORTS of things in them, particularly in the drug box, that folks might want to avail themselves of. Even pure 02 is good for folks to get a “high”, that’s one reason (not the ONLY reason) you need a prescription to get it.

    Pretty stupid choice of escape vehicle, tho. You’d sooner dock a battleship in a bathtub than do high speed cornering in a high cube ambulance. Among other issues, it’s tough to drift with dullness. They’re big, they’re intentionally garish, they don’t blend very well…

    …demising the police will have a domino effect, wrecking ALL civil society. Private institutions like hospitals won’t be able to defend themselves either, and doctors drive cars that are MUCH nicer than ambulances…

  6. I think we’re on a count down to when occupied cop cars are being hi-jacked.

    Why not? The White House has already been hi-jacked.

  7. Force liberal lawyers and liberal journalists to drive emergency vehicles into areas with high percentage of joggers.

  8. If it weren’t for Houston, Dallas, El Pisshole, Austin & San Antonio, Texas would be a wealthy, thriving free place with people really not needing all the guns they tote around.
    But still doing it because they can.

  9. If a time comes that the cops lose all control and society sinks into anarchy and we have to police our own communities, I’ve got some scores to settle.


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