Texas: Muslim threatens to kill those who refuse to take copies of Qur’an

It is shaping up to be such a lovely Ramadan. Twenty more days to go, too.

JihadWatch: A man is jailed on a charge of terroristic threat Wednesday after threatening to impose the death penalty on several people who refused to take copies of the Quran, Denton police say.

Denton police said officers responding to a call for assistance Tuesday night were stopped by 28-year old Peshwaz Azad Waise, of Iraq, and that he was speaking irrationally and making comments about God and Allah. Since Waise was not in violation of any law, the officers continued responding to the initial call for help, police said.


14 Comments on Texas: Muslim threatens to kill those who refuse to take copies of Qur’an

  1. Time to start the Citizen Deportation Squad.
    Dart these fookers just like bears and let them wake up deep in Ol’ Meheeko

  2. Tell me to take a quran or die, followed by the sound of 14 rounds of 230 grain hollow points exiting the barrel of my .45 and impacting his body.

    Problem solved.

  3. When someone tries to give handouts with which I don[‘t agree, I take as many as I can talk them out of and then go home and burn the handouts. That boils down to less crap they will hand out.

  4. This happened in Denton. It’s a college town about 30 minutes from AWD. But it’s still Texas. My guess is this haji was a time or two away from getting his Allah kicked or worse.

    But this illustrates the necessity of always carrying no matter where you go. If this happened in North Dallas, it can and will happen anywhere. And what if the Haji had brought a gun instead of a book? (AWD is typing this in a Hooters where I have a Smith M&P in 9mm in my front pocket. Nice feeling. Y’all should try it if you haven’t.

    Look for many more Muslim terrorist attacks in the next few months and be prepared. And yes, I know guns scare Big Fuzzy Sombrero but maybe y’all can talk some sense and testosterone into him!


  5. I would repay the proselytizing favor and point out that their evil prophet was a lying pedophile who never performed any miracles to validate himself and personally profitted financially, sexually, and politically by lying.

  6. I would have asked him for a dozen korans and his address so I could mail him the piss-soaked ashes.


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