Thanks, Obama. Illegals spread the Measles in AZ

FAM: At least 11 Measles cases were confirmed this week in Pinal County Arizona.
The outbreak was traced back to an immigrant shelter.

In the not too distant past the US would check immigrants for disease before they were allowed to enter the country.
That no longer is the case with our open borders.
Several more cases were reported in Pinal County stemming from the outbreak last week at an immigrant detention center.

The patients attended church, went to a graduation, a Safeway, Denny’s restaurant and a local casino.


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  1. I think obama/jarrett are trying as hard as they can to spread some kind of deadly disease in the US in an effort to wipe are a huge number of people, preferably whiteys, and bring us to our knees sooner. They have learned from history that plague and deadly diseases made quick work of the enemy and made it a piece of cake to defeat the previously stronger side.

  2. Illegal Immigrants….
    Disease, burglary, identity theft, rape, murder, gangs, drugs, terrorism, corruption, costly medical, housing, education and food.

    The obama legacy that will last for decades and rip apart the fabric of the United States.

  3. So?
    So? No … really … so what the fuck is America waiting for?
    We need some dude in shiny armor on a white fucking horse?

    There has to be some rat-lawyer who can justify Pima County getting rid of these diseased maggots over the objections of our treasonous, racist DoJ?

    No? Oh well … there’s got to be a game on somewhere …
    Oh LOOK! Moe just pulled Larry’s hair!
    And Trump MIGHT do something bad!

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Part of the reason I have yet to go full Pirate, is that I am an amiable sort. It wore thin the other day when some asswipe commented on the detail and attention I paid to disinfect my Grocery cart.
    I explained to this dipshit in his ‘First time to Arizona Tourist Outfit’ (Bright sunburn, expensive outdoorsy hat, and new river sandals, Ironic T shirt and walking poles) that being in Arizona, and that since idiot liberals did away with the border, we get exposed to all the third world diseases coming through our land and you have to disinfect ‘the Nino Zone’ (where the diseased little brat will be perched to spew his third world germs) or things like Leprosy, Cholera, Measles, Polio, and Typhus will follow you home.
    He stated I prolly liked that Nazi Trump.
    I replied: Ja, Naturlich.

  5. Nazi Trump?
    National Socialist Trump?
    What a fucking moron.
    Why waste air conversing with ignorant whelps?

    izlamo delenda est …

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