That Time When Shep Smith covered the Solar Eclipse

From 2017.
The person who posted this video seems to think that Shep was being funny because he didn’t really want to cover the eclipse.
I think he was straight out throwing a fit.
What else would you expect from Shep?

h/t Susan.

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  1. The Sun is 400 times larger than the Moon? Somebody better update Neil “Splendorin” DeGrasse Tyson with that stat, stat!


  2. It pisses me off to see someone making big money throw a fit because they are asked to do something they don’t like.
    That was very annoying.
    Did Shemp think he was too important to do eclipse coverage?

  3. Once again Shep demonstrates just what a complete asshole he is. Nancing around the studio like the queen that he is.

    Now it’s off with his sequins, makeup and feathers to lead the Mummers Parade.

  4. I’m no fan of Shemp, but…
    Imagine being told you have to keep your viewers entertained for your 1 hour program with only five minutes of real-time interesting video footage, and only about ten more minutes of “guy on the scene” conversation time. Ugh!

  5. Sad part TUESDAY,is there are many more
    Prancing Pricks just like him on the lamestream BooB Tube.

  6. A few years ago, Rush commented about a story, and said “Shep Smith was so upset, his mascara was running”. Word must have gotten back to Shep, because shortly thereafter he cut back on the mascara.

  7. The Charlottesville Massacre had happened just the week before the eclipse, Trump had just praised the KKK and Showboat Shep has to cover the moon covering the sun? I think Shep was in a hysterical rage that people were still more interested in a natural phenomenon than his rantings about White Supremacist Trump.

    Which event is the media still obsessed with more than two years later?

  8. Shep (off camera): “My boyfriend has a permanent eclipse right up his ass-hole. The sun don’t shine there, and believe me, I’ve checked”.


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