That’s about enough out of Maxine Waters

CFP [Herman Cain]: Whenever black Democrats do not have a factual or credible argument to claim racism, they just go ahead and claim it anyway. This happened recently on the floor of the House of Representatives, during an exchange between U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pennsylvania), and U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-California).

Kelly was defending the automobile industry, of which he is a part through his family business ties. Waters was claiming his industry was guilty of racist practices. This is typical of black Democrats who have no credible information. They know they are unlikely to be challenged because white people find it uncomfortable to disagree with blacks claiming racism.

Well! I’m not white, and I’m not uncomfortable!

When she realized she had no credible evidence, she does what liberals do. She shifted the subject to attack President Trump.  more here

15 Comments on That’s about enough out of Maxine Waters

  1. If she had a brain to engage before opening her big mouth she might be able so speak coherently.

  2. She makes Aunt Esther seem warm and cuddly.
    Waters perfectly represents her constituents, their racism, biases, self imposed victimhood and power of logic.

  3. LOL! Geoff C. now runs around the house yelling, “Peach ’45! Peach ’45!”

    Lunatic that she is, I’m hoping — like some of her other compatriots — that the mud she’s slinging gets slopped back on her. She should be more careful. Hasn’t she been paying attention to uncanny way those others are being exposed? Divine intervention is nothin’ to goof around with, Maxine.

  4. The Muzz running for governor in Michigan follows in Auntie Max’s footsteps. Every dem is a victim.

  5. If despising poverty pimps like Maxipad Walters and Al “Not Too” Sharpton makes me racist, then mea culpa… proudly.

    BTW, very sad to hear that cancer got diagnosed with Harry Reid. Does anyone have cancer’s address; so I can send it a sympathy card?

  6. Rock Star April
    How’d that work out?
    Lemme think . . . batshit over the moon insane for years . . .

    thinking . . . thinking . . . thinking…
    . . .
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    For The RECORD
    Jam On Playlist ♪#545♪ Flying Pig Label

  7. James Brown would be pissed if he was still alive knowing somebody that stupid and racist had stolen his hairdo. Aside from that, race-baiting has been very, very, good to her, and Al, and Jessie.

  8. In a sane world, she would be mopping up spills at Wal-Mart.
    And then, fired for shoplifting.

  9. The auto industry is RACISSSSSSS?
    Show me. Show me credible stats, from credible sources. Otherwise, I’m going to claim that the auto industry IS prejudiced……….against whites.

  10. ” Txn4Evr MAY 14, 2018 AT 5:34 PM
    Harry Reid has pancreatic cancer. Maybe he and McCain could have a race?”

    I would prefer a three-sum to include Hitlery…

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