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The 不 Memes Have Begun

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  1. I’m glad Sean Hannity on FOX News was only on TV.

    He was hounding that Lady so hard I was afraid if she was in the same room with the Martial Artoist . . . he looked like he would have slapped her.



    The Governor that sells sleeping pills said this about the Speaker Vote in Congress (full of RICH FOLK)

    “The 10% cannot rule over the 90%”

    You can’t make this up.


    You understand HYPOCRISPY

  3. ^^^^^^
    I’m with Gaetz and Boebert. Go ahead, elect Jefferies. At least we know he’s the enemy. Do it.

    PS, you should read the comments on eye patch McCains IG account. He ain’t diggen them.

  4. Top 10, if you’re talking about Huckabee, which is the only Governor I know who is a spokesperson for sleeping pills, not real surprising.
    After he was no longer Governor, he has fooled a lot of people that he’s conservative, he wasn’t too conservative as Arkansas Governor. He raised their taxes and pushed his diet on Arkansans when he lost weight. He wanted a soda and junk food tax. He taxed everything, sales tax went up dramatically, gas tax went up, tobacco tax. He pretty much doubled taxes and tripled spending. He was actually hated by most by the time he left, people do have short memories though and he tried to with a lot of success to recreate himself.

  5. No Sh#T

    Over on msNBC
    Little Larry is PROMOTING McCarthy!!!

    LARRY the Liberal is actively advocating for Kevin McCarthy to be Speaker of the House.

    Someting F’ucky Here

  6. I forgot to mention his government medical care and his great prison reform, aka commute sentences of criminals and pardons for dangerous criminals.
    He also increased government regulations.

    He governed like a democrat with the exception of abortion and gays.
    Having family in Arkansas who used to bitch about him when he was Governor, I’ve never forgotten how horrible he was as Governor. I hope his daughter doesn’t follow in his footsteps.

  7. The 10% cannot rule over the 90%

    that’s got to be on of the most stupid comments I have seen
    what? that idiot doesn’t realize that about 202 demonrats voted someone else also?

    they set up the rules … now they whine about them … along w/ the Fox News weenies … yeah, you Brett Baer, Brit Hume, Hannity & the usual cast of rat whiners

    & I’d say about 90% of the House are demonrats! … or at least, cowardly ‘compromisers’

  8. Something else about Huckabee, the reason our founding Fathers gave us a Republic was so the minority could not be ran over by the majority.
    Now my little state of Oklahoma in my little district is actually being represented because we do have a Republic.

  9. Just saw a subliminal advert
    Was for Sleeping Pills
    Totally NON-Narcotic
    Totally Not Addictive
    Totally Safe for Everyday Use


    **Every order requires a 28 or 32 Day Supply in advance allocated forever recurringly to your credit/debit card account number you must provide.

    You may cancel at anytime but may receive bill reminders as long as they have your valid address.

    Gov Huckabee
    Yea, that one

    The Alex Jones without the conspiracies one,
    But Same Great Taste or Effectiveness as the Other Guys

  10. Any Videographers out there doing parodies?
    Got a Duzzy

    Take that one Fruit & Veggie Pill Popper advert with the Bald Guy that forgets to Eat until Bedtime


    That Relaxium Sleep commercial that sells safe sleeping pilss that can be taken every night at bedtime


    Super Beet Vitality audio about the rise and shine wholesom efficacy of beets

    It will taste great if done right

  11. WTF

    FOX News appears to be paying fake penance by covering a popes funeral in another Country Live at 2 or 3 AM.

    Instead of covering Our Country and the Live Events happening right now in America.

    Ain’t That something? I was gonna bet on msNBC.

    Kats gots yer tongues fox news?

  12. Got IT

    I know why Fox is going to Rome Live
    They don’t want the replays airing of Shawn Hantity being a msyogonistic brute and toxic elderly masculinity enhanced male that needs his pills to do everything he loves in life money and sex.

    Anyway, that’s why Fox will be in Italy.
    Bon Appetite

  13. Great meme!!
    Sounds like Huckabee wants to end the electoral college.
    Foxy is doing what the lefty kids and Paul Ryan tell them to do. Gotta keep their jobs. Just like with the stolen elections and J6.

  14. “If 90% believe in something enough to vote for it – but 10% believe in something enough to kill for it – the 10% will rule.”

    This was his allusion.

    The Uniparty is willing to kill, maim, incarcerate, and destroy to stay in power.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  15. McCarthy, et al, would rather “rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.”

    Which is why they are crafting a Hell on Earth.
    War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death (all Man-Made) are stalking the Earth.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  16. I am but a lowly plumber, but even I know the difference between a democracy and a Representative Republic. If we were a Democracy, Kevin McCarthy would already be Speaker. But we are not. The 20 rebels are representing their voters the 208 clapping seals are not.


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