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Waffle House Wendy Speaks Out (The Chair Deflector)

Waffle House kind of screwed her over.

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  1. What’s glossed over in this whole affair is the felony perpetrated against her (assault with a deadly weapon), how nothing was done to the criminal, and how lucky she was to have survived this attack without injury.

    She should quit immediately and find another job. And I can’t imagine any parent allowing their daughter to work in such a disgusting place like a Waffle House.

  2. Also, I know how everyone here hates California, but we are presently experiencing a weather bomb not seen in the last 50 years. Heavy rains are expected to cause massive property damage, overflowing rivers, and dangerous life-threatening conditions for anyone living along several rivers.

    I live up on a hill so I’m safe but many people aren’t. We could use some prayers from anyone so inclined.

  3. “Waffle House kind of screwed her over.”

    yeah, well it’s easier to screw over a minimum-wage employee than to alienate your ‘woke lives matter’ human flotsam 2:00 AM clientele

    (great reality tv show idea … ‘The Feral Hood Rats Of Waffle House’)

    & prayers for Rich & those affected by the ‘atmospheric river’ ‘bomb’

  4. I’m really confused over this. WH seems to bend over backwards helping communities when disaster strikes then to do this??? I think there may be more to the story…at least I hope there’s more to the story.

  5. Level headed girl with a positive outlook. Good for her. She stood her ground like she’s battled hoodrats before and learned to not back down.
    She deserves a promotion or a much better job somewhere besides Wendy’s.

  6. Rich Taylor,
    Thought CA had been in a drought the past 5 or 6 years – so this should be a welcome relief?
    Will say a prayer for CA, anyway.

    As for “Waffle House Wendy” – heroics are seldom rewarded with anything more substantial than a “bit of colored ribbon.”

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. @Tim

    Yes, we are in a drought, much like most of the western states, but a starving man can’t eat 5 buckets of KFC in one sitting.

    The latest forecast is 14 days straight of rain. We need the rain, just not all at once.


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